Build a fantastic career with SAS training

Complete knowledge of SAS, or Statistical Analysis System, is only possible when one can learn from professionals who are working or have worked in reputed IT companies. The experience of an instructor plays a huge learn in knowledge about SAS Training. Such professional SAS tutors know everything about SAS, from business analytics to Base SAS and Advanced SAS certification.

How does knowing SAS help an aspiring IT professional?

Knowledge of SAS is used in growing areas such as Business Analytics. SAS certifications are globally recognised as top credentials in programming. Data management and business intelligence are other areas where this credential is most helpful. Each of these areas helps enhance the career of an IT professional.

The growing business analytics market

At present, the global business analytics market generates a whopping revenue of $14.4 billion. To tackle the exploding market of Big Data, at least 2,50,000 business analytics professionals are required at different verticals. Major companies such as Google, Amazon, Oracle, IBM and Microsoft are searching for skilled data analysts. Do you have it in you to become a top data analyst?


SAS training courses to apply for

If you are a beginner, then taking up Base SAS will be the best option to get into this lucrative industry. The course provides hands-on experience at writing SAS programs, an understanding of data sets and sub-setting data sets. Proficiency is built on debugging and data manipulation techniques. Base SAS is highly suitable for being a data analyst.

If you are already familiar with Base SAS and wish to rise further, then Advanced SAS is the course for you. Advanced SAS Training takes the aspirant to a greater level of data analysis, helping businesses take advantage of business intelligence. Students are taught how to access data using SQL, carry out macro processing and practice advance data lookup techniques. This course is primarily based on programming.

Investment in SAS education can be described as one of the best investments in terms of time and money. SAS helps to improve the performance of businesses the world over. It is the world’s fastest and most powerful package designed to carry out data analysis. Truth being told, organisations the world over are being bombarded by data from all corners. It is necessary for organisations to be able to segregate this data for business development and growth. Only the business and data analytics can best undertake this gigantic task.

The rapid emergence of data analytics and Big Data is like a revolution for IT and non-IT companies. It shows the deviation from traditional means of doing business to the online model. Take a look at the success story of top ecommerce websites in the world today. This would not have been possible without the use of business analytics.



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