Complete Guide to Salesforce Financial Services Cloud (FSC)

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Financial Services Cloud (FSC) is a combined platform planned to drive stronger client relationships that last generations. FSC was launched in August 2015. It is the most suited Salesforce Cloud product for the Financial Services industry. FSC makes it easy for advisors to deliver a concierge level of service with the personalized, proactive advice clients expect. It is a managed package that enhances and extends the functionality of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud combined to better meet the needs of wealth management firms, insurance companies, and banks. There are various benefits of FSC from them few key benefits are mentioned below:


It helps in tracking leads and building action plans


Financial Services industries always track leads and referrals which is a very important task. Financial Services Cloud (FSC) Training creates an Account that is updated automatically after every conversion and referrer information can also be viewed on an Individual record to identify the top referrers. FSC creates an active action plan for the member to automate some repeatable tasks and confirm deadlines are met for predefined steps.


It helps in managing financial accounts and household data models 


Financial advisors manage their clients’ households, businesses, and related individuals all in one place through Household Data Model in FSC. Advisors have used three types of relationships with their clients these are Account-Contact Relationships (ACR), Account-Account Relationships (AAR), and Contact-Contact Relationships (CCR). Financial Services Cloud supports various ways of financial accounts like Bank Accounts, Investment Accounts, and Insurance Policies. Advisors track their clients’ investment goals and build an investment plan to meet those financial goals that are fulfilled by Financial Goals. The member of a Finance department role is also defined by Financial Account Roles.


It is useful in wealth management and capital markets 


FSC is beneficial for banking and lending in tracking client relationships and referrals, coordination with stakeholders, provide perceptibility throughout banking, and borrowing processes. Salesforce FSC Course helps the Capital market in building a solid analytics program that delivers insights when anyone needs it, meets strict security, and data controlling necessities, and rise competitive advantage with Artificial intelligence. However, insurance and wealth management are also the beneficiaries. 


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