Finance controlling made easy with Oracle Hyperion Financial Management

Consolidation of financial results is an important exercise for any organisation, whether small or large. Oracle Hyperion Financial Management allows you to consolidate and report financial results, reduce compliance costs and also showcase confidence through numbers. In other words, if you are good with both numbers and IT, then consider enrolment in one of the Oracle Hyperion Financial Management courses.

Hyperion is recognised as a comprehensive, web-based application. It makes use of highly advanced software technology to deliver accurate results, and is maintained by the company’s finance team. The user interface allows navigation across numerous applications and also provides access to multiple documents and modules within an application.

For whom is the course suitable?

The course in Oracle Hyperion Financial Management is suitable for the following groups of people:

  • Financial Managers (financial reporting and consolidation)
  • System analysts
  • Application developers

The requirement of such applications is naturally high in many global organisations. Therefore application developers who can create and manage such web applications will be accepted through jobs.  As far as the pre-requisites for this training go, candidates need to have a strong understanding of accounting principles and must also be familiar with MS Excel or Lotus 123.


Latest Updates

In the latest version of Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, new and configurable dimensions have now been included. The latest user interface is also much different from the one used earlier. Therefore, getting familiarised with the new UI is one of the most important objectives of the training course.

Expert instructors

Trainers who teach these courses at reputed institutes have worked with Oracle in the past. They are familiar with how to handle this module and what is really needed during work at organisations. They can guide students in the most effective manner about the same.

Some of the skills gained by participants during this training are as follows:

  • Creating accounts, applications, entities, calendars and scenarios
  • Working on task lists and member lists
  • Import and export of data and metadata
  • Entering transactions between companies and making adjustments through journals

In order to learn more about Hyperion, remember to enrol for one of the Oracle Hyperion Financial Management courses.


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