How does Informatica’s ETL tool leverages Enterprise Data Warehousing in organizations?

Creating Data Warehouse for an organization requires a lot of ground work as data needs to be collected from different sources that are not similar. Data Analysts have to dig deep into the data and analyze it to get a thorough insight. With Informatica’s ETL tool, dissimilar data can be converted into homogenous data, such that the entire information is compatible for analysis. When data is well organized and analyzed it serves the business purpose very well. Aspirants can register onto Informatica Training Institute in Noida to learn more.

What is ETL?

ETL stands for Extract, Transform and Load, i.e. the three processes carried out when processing raw data that are available through various sources. At the end of these processes, the resultant becomes a valid and organized data for Data Warehouse of the organization. ETL also refers to the commercial tool that performs these processes. Let’s now see what each process does in a brief manner:


Extraction being the first process, collects data from different sources and stores them in a temporary buffer memory. It is from this storage place where the other processes start. During the initial process the incoming data have to pass the standard validation rules pertaining to the data warehouse.



Transformation process, as the name suggests, converts all the heterogeneous data into homogenous data. The transformation process concentrates on the arrangements and patterns of data, revamps the data by forming proper columns and row, groups similar data.


Load is the final process in ETL where the transformed data is loaded into the Data Warehouse.

In order to keep the organization’s Data Warehouse updated, the ETL process should be carried out on a regular basis. This ensures that the business processes are fed with updated data and hence supports in driving business intelligence.

 Overall advantages of ETL

  • Achieve high performance in data warehousing
  • Performs advanced data profiling
  • Processes consist of structured system design
  • Helps the databases to become highly operational
  • Possess built-in modules for handling recurring tasks
  • Easy to use

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