Impact of AWS in Growth of Modern IT and How to Leap Into the Wave

On year ending March, 2105, Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud computing extension of the eCommerce giant revealed that it had earned a revenue of USD 5.6 billion. The figures continue to grow as big names in IT services such as Netflix, Instagram and Airbnb, and also government agencies and startups from the client list of this cloud computing giant. AWS training by certified training institutes is the tool needed to leap into the new wave of cloud computing, which is fast replacing the traditional on-premise legacy technology for data storage.


Cloud Computing Growth Story

As per growth statistics from IDG’s 2015 Enterprise Cloud Computing Survey published in a Forbes article, for the year 2016, 25% of total IT budget is being allocated for cloud computing. While AWS is leading the market for cloud computing services, Windows Azure is a close second, followed by other providers such as Google. As 48% enterprises adopt cloud, cloud applications and platforms, there is a  need for cloud computing courses which will render the requisite expertise for managing cloud-based data and the multiple devices that will be accessing it. The low cost ownership of hardware such as servers is driving small and medium sized businesses to adopt cloud services which is raising the investment in cloud computing business.

Security, Mobility and Big Data

On the one hand, security remains the looming dark cloud as issues such as multiple device access crop. One powerful bug in the central server may have the potential to wipe out an immense load of data. Decentralizing servers have helped AWS ensuring data security to a certain extent, however, security will continue to remain a big challenge that has to be addressed for more confidence and increased reliance.

Cloud computing has enabled data access on multiple devices, thus augmenting rapid access of data. It has made location irrelevant and the remote operations a possibility. To provide seamless access to data across geographic boundaries, the AWS cloud app store provides numerous applications with diverse utility.

Another major facility that is having a huge impact on businesses is big data. With features such as beacon applications for geo-location tagging and other apps that are constantly tracking and evaluating individual preferences, a lot of crucial data is being generated that has multiple applications.

Market for AWS Professional

A new market has cropped since mid-2013 for AWS certified solutions architect. The platform has gained a lot of traction since as a leading cloud solution provider and with their business spreading rapidly across the globe. Managing the various AWS services, applying them as per the specific business requirement and budget and identifying measures for controlling costs and curbing security threat are some avenues to be looked into. AWS regularly launches certification programs based on the evolving business needs and growth of cloud technology.

There are innumerable opportunities in cloud computing, which is a dynamic and fast growing field. With rapid adoption of mobile technology and more users relying on mobile applications, all the data will have to be stored in a secure location. AWS training gives the skills for systematic management of cloud technology and its changing facets.


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