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For those contemplating project management training in Noida would find it interesting to read about some project management trends. The following information discusses some of the existing and emerging trends in this discipline. Ever since the onset of PMP certification, the face of this profession has changed. It has become streamlined, standardized and globalized. The level of abstraction and intangibility has given way to tangible, result oriented methodologies.

Project Management

Agile is expanding

This process management methodology is gaining popularity. Even in eastern countries such as Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong, project managers are becoming interested in Agile. Before, there was a degree of resistance to adopting this management methodology. But now with PMO heads, in conjunction with PMPs are bringing about a paradigm shift of attitudes.

Portfolio management is the new buzzword

PMI’s (Project Management Institute) Portfolio Management Professional has taken centerstage. Professionals who can gauge the market and pick the best project with the highest and safest returns are in demand. Spending by corporations is tighter than a decade ago. There are more projects for employees in a company to work on, but not all of them yield long term benefits. In such situations, quick-wins and long-term wins are identified by portfolio managers.

Live trainings have given way to virtual trainings

Some years back, project managers headed to hotel conferences to attend workshops. They attended training programs spread across several days. But technological improvements and the rise of e-learning has created the proliferation of e-learning tools. Now web-based learning can be taken when on the move as well. Mobile enabled learning has created agile learning solutions.

Servant leadership

A term that was developed in the 1970s, this management philosophy is about sharing power. Scrum masters adopt this methodology in the Agile project management philosophy. In the Scrum world, there is no concept of a project manager. Power and responsibility is equally shared.


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