Siemens UG NX for handling technical aspects of industry

Over the years, scope of software in industry has grown by leaps and bounds. Manufacturing and automation are two industries that make extensive use of software. These products help to make jobs more efficient and streamlined than earlier. One such software is Siemens UG-NX 8.5, which is deployed for quick product development.


Those making use of Siemens UG-NX 8.5 are trained to prepare conceptual designs, complete 3D modeling and also carry out documentation. Training in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is provided to candidates, which makes them proficient in creating part manufacturing solutions used in machining, tooling and quality inspection. In addition, Siemens UG-NX is required to learn the process of CAD and CAM. So candidates can learn Siemens UG-NX at a CAD training centre.

With NX seamless integration is possible, which allows industries to process changes quickly as per different development areas. Siemens NX is useful for the following:

  • High level conceptual designs, 3D modeling and documentation.
  • To make multidiscipline simulations for thermal, motion, structural, multiphysics and optimisation applications.
  • Part manufacturing solutions for machining, tooling and quality checks.

For companies that provide product design services, NX is very helpful. It comes up with quality innovative solutions at low cost, along with 3D product designs. The latest version of NX gives design firms the option to choose surface, wireframe, solid parametric or direct modeling techniques.

Various advantages of Siemens UG-NX

  • Designs are validated as per product requirements.
  • Allows one to take smarter design decisions involving great visual analytics.
  • Brings down the design time by more than 30%, resulting in high productivity.
  • It is able to come up with flexible shape creation and analysis tools.
  • It encourages re-use as it is able to work seamlessly with other CAD systems.

Industry sectors for use of NX

There are several segments of industry where Siemens UG-NX is being used. These are majorly industries of the manufacturing sector, like automotive, power and energy, consumer goods and electrical machinery. It is also used in companies that rely on CAD and CAM, such as mechanical simulation, electromechanical systems design, tooling and fixture design, package design and mechanical design.

Therefore it is clear that Siemens UG-NX is a cutting edge software which is highly useful for the manufacturing sector. UG-NX training is very helpful, as the manufacturing sector is very important to the growth of any economy.


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