Stand out From the Competition with SAP CRM Functional Training

Organisations today attempt to differentiate themselves from competition by the attention they pay to the customer. The business environment is constantly evolving, which makes it even more competitive. For tracking customer information on a real time basis, companies require software. With the help of SAP CRM functional training, engineers can work on the SAP CRM software, which performs the above mentioned role.


CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a set of business strategies needed to optimise customer interactions. The CRM module, whether as software or in print, helps in understanding the needs and exact requirements of customers. SAP CRM, the software solution, is user friendly, integrated, easily customisable and can be implemented in a flexible manner.

Advantages of SAP CRM

There are various advantages of using SAP CRM. Some of them are as follows:

  • It has the power to implement customised business processes
  • It allows the company to create customer centric strategies
  • It can integrate with other SAP and non-SAP systems
  • SAP CRM helps the company stay connected with its customers
  • It achieves ‘Single face to customer’, which means that the customer can obtain actual information irrespective of the channel used to communicate with the company

Knowledge acquired in the SAP CRM functional training program

During this course, aspirants get to know how a CRM application helps an organisation in different ways. The methods for this are automation, organisation and synchronisation of operations involving business partners, customers, sales, marketing and operations. Experienced instructors take the students through real life scenarios, in which they understand functional capabilities of the module.

The following topics are covered during this training program:

  • ERP, CRM and SAP
  • Business partner creation and management of associated functions
  • Defining the Organisational Model and understanding its concepts
  • Data flow management in business transactions
  • Handling queries, preparation of sales orders, preparation of quotations and customized sales transactions
  • Lead management
  • Service Cycle and Customer Interaction Centre (CIC)

There is tremendous scope for a SAP consultant in the job market today, who can work with the CRM module. More learning can take place through enterprise resource planning training.


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