The Growing Demand of SAP HANA as the Preferred Data Platform

Built by SAP, SAP HANA happens to be a data platform that supports a huge array of ERP, Business Intelligence and various enterprise applications. Compared to databases of the past, SAP HANA settles in the memory and as a result of that, access to data is directly available to the CPU. The enterprise IT has been shaken up by SAP HANA and those looking for a career in HANA database can certainly find it advantageous to attend the SAP HANA Training.


Why Companies are Strongly Considering SAP HANA Software?

Some of the biggest multinational organizations of the world l have already made SAP HANA an integral part of their activities, and other mid-size as well as small organizations are looking to benefit their business functionality by integrating SAP HANA in their process. Discussed below are some of the reasons why organizations are favoring HANA over other databases:

  • Every organization in this world, at some point of time or another faces the problem of analytic or report applications working too slowly. This reduces productivity and in turn, seriously affects business growth. However, with HANA things tend to get better as it enhances performance, which is invaluable to a business.
  • It has almost become the need of the hour for businesses to get up-to-date data in order to take crucial decisions that matter a lot. With such an application, businesses can easily rely on getting current data that offers critical information to heighten business performance.
  • Downtime is another factor that is dreaded by businesses. There are instances where companies have suffered huge loss because they couldn’t load the data in the data warehouse due to sudden downtimes. HANA takes care of this factor also by removing redundant information, shrinking database footprint, simplifying architecture and changing index design. In other words, it makes the system a lot quicker and better performing.

The response to HANA has so far been extremely positive as it brings incremental benefits to an organization. Almost everything, starting from complex applications to sales transactions, becomes faster and better. The SAP HANA Training in Delhi is a good way to learn in details the features and working of this software.


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