Top 10 Advantages of CHFI Training

CHFI training has numerous advantages. Expanded as Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation, it is the process of detecting hacking attacks, and preventing them. If attacked the process extends to extracting evidence and conducting audits to plug loopholes in the security framework. Computer forensic experts apply computer investigation and analysis techniques to collect potential legal evidence. These professionals use a wide range of methods to discover data, recover deleted data, setup up encryption and so on. The following information discusses the advantages of taking up CHFI training for current ethical hackers and aspiring ones.



Understanding the types of digital evidence

The foremost benefit of CHFI training understands the types of digital evidence. Training teaches digital evidence examination process, evidence rules, and assessing electronic crime by crime category. Digital evidence has to be secured and the electronic crime scene is evaluated. As part of the evaluation process preliminary interviews are conducted. Documentation of the crime scene is conducted. Electronic evidence is collected and preserved. It is packaged and transported to the concerned authorities.

Using steganography

This is a process by which a file, message, image or video is concealed. The concealing is done with another file, message, image, etc. The hidden file, message, audio or video appears to be part of something else. Steganography is considered advantageous over cryptography is that it does not attract attention. Steganalysis is a part of steganography that studies message detection that was hidden with steganography techniques.

Password cracking concepts

These concepts have to be learnt at an ethical hacking training given the specialized nature of this area. The process involves using tools to crack passwords. It is important to understand the types of password attacks to devise strategies to counter such attacks. There are techniques involved in investigating password protected file breaches.

Log capturing techniques

There are different log capturing techniques, including keystroke logging that need to be learnt at a training institute. Ethical hackers need to implement log management schemes as part of their jobs. The process involves time synchronization techniques and also the use of log capturing tools. IT security experts also inspect and investigate logs, which could contain information about network traffic, web attacks, and wireless attacks.

Tracking emails

Email crime is becoming a major concern and the need for email crime investigators is on the rise. There are requests for such services through agencies or on an individual basis. Taking up CHFI training helps interested IT security experts learn these modern ethical hacking techniques.


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