What is PRINCE2® and how useful it is to take up the PRINCE2® Certification?

PRINCE2®, an acronym for PRojects IN Controlled Environment is a methodology developed for achieving effective project management strategies. PRINCE2® was developed by AXELOS, a joint venture of UK Government and Capita (a London-based BPO company). The main objective of PRINCE2® is to reach project objectives by properly managing resources, business requirements, and project risks. PRINCE2® targets project excellence with the help of its seven principles, themes, and processes. Aspirants who want to learn more about PRINCE2® and take up certification courses, can enroll in PRINCE2® Training.

What are the significant features of PRINCE2®?

  • The primary focus of PRINCE2® are the customers and their needs. The decisions taken based on PRINCE2® will always provide great customer satisfaction.
  • PRINCE2® splits the project in suitable stages such that it can be controlled and managed effectively. Due to this, the project stages can be monitored from the start till the end.
  • An effective project review is done at regular intervals ensuring that the project is on the right track.
  • The PRINCE2® processes are flexible to be changed based on the project needs.


What are the organizational benefits gained using PRINCE2®?

  • With PRINCE2® methodology, organization is able to clearly identify individual responsibilities at project level.
  • PRINCE2® helps to maintain proper delivery schedules for the project.
  • With PRINCE2®, effective communication among team members is achieved.
  • The organization leveraging success with PRINCE2® can get new projects and hence the business grows increasing the revenue.

How useful it is to become PRINCE2® certified candidate?

The certifications given by PRINCE2® are PRINCE2® Foundation and PRINCE2® Practitioner. PRINCE2® certification is a valuable asset to the individual. This widens the career opportunities in the market and also help to work effectively. The certified candidate can deploy top management skills in his/her organization, which will obtain good recognition among the top management. This will help the candidate to have a steady growth in the career.

Aspirants who want to learn more about PRINCE2® and take up certifications can enroll in the PRINCE2® Training in Noida.


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