What Makes Spring Framework the Best?

Spring is a prominent lightweight framework for Java web development. It is an open source application framework that aims to make J2EE development easier. Spring is considered as a one-stop solution concerning the infrastructural needs of typical applications. Attending Java advance framework training will provide the vision and ways to use Spring is a productive manner.

Spring Farme Work

Key values provided by Spring

The following given effective uses of Spring will motivate the developers to consider it as a problem solver framework:

  • Non-invasive framework: The application code written as Spring application can be run by another container also. It preserves backward compatibility and allows the framework to be improved.
  • Usable in all environments: Its consistent programming model makes the code less dependent on its runtime context by insulating the environment details from the application code.
  • Code reusability: It does not reinvent the wheel but utilizes the code reusability option. This feature leads to faster development of code with lesser bugs.
  • Promotes good programing practice: It focuses on reducing the complexity of coding by using interfaces rather than classes. The details of the code are less error prone as the information is called by objects through interfaces.
  • Simple plugability: Application objects in Spring are considered as name services. One service can be swapped with another service without affecting the rest of the application.
  • Easy testing: Testing an application is easy in Spring as the environment dependent code is moved out. Spring framework enables Plain Old Java Object (POJO)based programming model that is easy to use for injecting test data.

One can have in-depth knowledge and hands on experience on these features by enrolling to Java Advance framework training. Learning the clean integration of applications with numerous web frameworks is preferred by developers. Make yourself more sellable by getting exposure to the kind of innovation and portability offered by Spring.

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