When to use Automation and Manual Testing in the Software Testing world?

Software Testing is one of the important part in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Both the types of testing – Automation and Manual Testing are being used in the Software Testing world. However, it is very important to know in what situation or place those should be used. Automation testing work with the set of predefined tasks and manual testing on the other hand work with human intervention. If you want to learn in detail about Automation Testing, enroll in the Automation Testing Training.


Both Automation and Manual Testing has their own pros and cons. Here in this blog you will learn when to use these testing types.

When to use Manual Testing

In manual testing, the Testing Engineer will be testing the software product more as an end user using test cases. Following are the situations where manual testing suits best:

  • Exploratory Testing: In this type of testing the testers use their experience, logical reasoning and bring up intuitive test cases. It is more of a cognitive approach and can be used at any point of the testing stage.
  • Short term and low budget projects: These types of projects do not require huge amount of test cases to get executed. Using manual testing makes the project cost effective and efficient.
  • Usability Testing: Manual testing is apt when testing how far a product is user-friendly and manageable.

When to use Automation Testing

Following are the situations where automation testing can be used:

Regression Testing: When the product is subject to frequent changes, it is better to go for automation testing as it can be executed automatically at regular intervals.

Long term projects: When the product development involves a lot of money and time, it is apt to use automation testing. However, the expenses spent on the testing tools should be less than the anticipated profit.

Load Testing: When performing load or performance or stress testing, automated testing is more apt as it reduces the lead time to great extent.

Having a clear picture on the apt test to use in apt situation, enroll in online Software Testing Courses and get a better understanding about Manual and Automated Testing.


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