Why Developers are Eyeing for a Career in Android Development

An Android developer enjoys an exciting and challenging career with steady developments taking place on a constant basis. New devices are being are being introduced every now and then by different companies through utilization of the latest technologies. With an ever increasing user base, Android offers plenty of gainful employment opportunities to aspirants around the globe. An Android Development Training serves as the first step towards building a lucrative career in this field.

Android Developers are in High Demand These Days

As Google continues to upgrade its Android platform, the number of Android devices in the market is skyrocketing. Thus, the demand for skilled Android developers is expected to increase by leaps and bounds over the coming years. Companies are desperately in search of skilled professionals to meet their ever increasing needs.

The Android app market has already witnessed the inception of thousands of apps for different activities and uses and the trend is expected to continue. Starting from small sized to medium sized to large companies, everybody seems to be interested in launching their own apps in an effort to increase their profits. With so many opportunities waiting to be grasped Android developers at times can find it hard to decide upon which way to go.


Developers Enjoy Better Pay Packages

As a hot employment opportunity, Android also offers developers with good remuneration packages. That is also one of the major reasons behind why developers with good knowledge of Java, SQL, .Net, XML, etc. are shifting their attention towards Android development. Be it any career option, salary is the first thing that comes to the mind and Android is one platform that offers a good pay even to fresher’s joining the field as compared to others fields.

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of an Android developer in India is around Rs 3,60,000/annum as of March, 2016. In fact, the salary of an Android developer continues to go up once a candidate gains good exposure in the field. Those who really wish to be a part of this industry can enroll in an Android Training Company in Noida and open the doors to a great career ahead.


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