Why Morgan Stanley Declared ServiceNow® “one of the three horsemen of SaaS.”

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ServiceNow® primarily was a cloud-based ITSM (IT Service Management) tool. Now, it is not just restricted to ITSM, but also provides cloud services like ITOM (IT Operations Management), ITBM (IT Business Management), Security Operations, Governance, Risk and Compliance. ServiceNow® has more than 5,000 enterprise customers worldwide.

Today, we will be discussing all the ServiceNow® products and solutions

  • IT
  1. ServiceNow® IT Service Management
  2. ServiceNow® IT Operations Management
  3. ServiceNow® IT Business Management
  4. ServiceNow® Software Asset Management
  • Security and Risk

ServiceNow® Security Operations

ServiceNow® GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance)

  • HR
  1. ServiceNow® HR Service Delivery
  • Customer Service
  1. ServiceNow® Customer Service Management

ServiceNow® IT Service Management aims at transforming the impact, speed, and delivery of IT. ServiceNow® ITSM increases productivity and helps a company in gaining real-time visibility. The companies prefer this application as it improves the service experience by providing consistent end-user services anytime, anywhere, and through any channel.  ServiceNow® claims that “IT productivity will improve by 20% or more with structured machine learning to automate routine tasks”.

According to the record, Oshkosh Corporation, the leading equipment manufacturer that builds military vehicles, has been able to integrate multiple business services on a single platform using ServiceNow®. ServiceNow® has been a great development for financial sector as it reduces the risk of service failures.  There are various innovative ITSM apps providing rapid service restoration and consumer-friendly service experience.

ServiceNow® IT Operations Management is based on the mantra “see more, know more, do more”. ServiceNow® delivers an integrated set of ITOM capabilities to create a single system of record for IT infrastructure spanning data centers and clouds.  One of the advantages of ServiceNow® ITOM is that it enhances service visibility and service agility, by automating IT processes.

ServiceNow® IT Business Management provides many benefits like prioritizing all demands in one centralized system, and listing all your apps on a single platform. Automic™, Broadcom® and SIEMENS are few of the customers of ServiceNow®.

ServiceNow® Software Asset Management enables end‑to‑end software life cycle management on a single platform to optimize the cost and reduce the risk. It is beneficial as it aligns the maintenances bills, and optimizes future purchases to reduce the cost. The single-platform solution helps in managing and calculating the impact of changes.

One of the major areas of concern for most of the companies is resolving security threats. ServiceNow® Security Operations improves the efficiency of the security response, and reduces the time spent on basic tasks with the help of automation. ServiceNow® Configuration Management Database (CMDB) maps threats, security incidents, and vulnerabilities to business services and IT infrastructure. This mapping ensures prioritization, and allows the security teams to focus on what is most critical to the business. ServiceNow® comes with different security applications. The Security Incident Response application helps in identifying any critical incidents, and providing workflow and automation tools to speed up reversing any damage. It uses data from the existing security tools or Security Information and Event Manager (SIEM) to create prioritized security events. It also reminds the assignees if their tasks are not completed on-time, and escalates when necessary.  All activities in an incident lifecycle can be tracked in this platform.

The Vulnerability Response application in Security Operations prioritizes the vulnerable assets. Using CMDB, it easily identifies dependencies across systems and quickly assesses the business impact of changes. Similarly, there are 4 more ServiceNow® Security Operations applications targeting different issues related to security.

Three main pillars of ServiceNow® GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) are controlling risk exposure, improving decision making and increasing productivity. GRC believes in planning strategically with a single integrated risk management program.  It is known for enhancing performances and productivity by reducing errors.

ServiceNow® HR Service Delivery gives the employees a satisfactory and fuss-free experience with the personalized HR services. It offers easy-to-access HR services to the employees. It is beneficial for the companies to use fewer resources to serve more employees, hence ServiceNow® HR Service Delivery minimizes repetitive tasks with automated workflows and case management. Adidas, the company that employs over 60,000 people in over 160 countries, is one of the loyal customers of the ServiceNow® HR Service Delivery.

“The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary.”- Sam Walton

Sam Walton was right and ServiceNow® Customer Service Management helps the companies to achieve legendary customer service. It gives personalized self-service options, and automates common customer requests. It minimizes costs, and boosts efficiency by fixing issues faster. A case study on Thales, which is a French aerospace company, shows that the issues faced by the company related to the no-planned maintenance or upgrade strategy for hardware in the field, engineer ideal time and inability to monitor the KPIs for individual customers were solved with the help of ServiceNow® Customer Service Management.  They realized that transforming their customer service from a reactive function to a proactive and predictive department was what they needed.

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