Why Oracle 11g RAC is Taking an Edge?

Oracle, 11g Real Application Cluster (RAC) is a clustered version of the Oracle database with a comprehensive approach of high availability and resilience of data. These two main drivers make RAC a great temptation for the businesses. With the worldwide collaboration and 24*7 access of data the availability is measured in terms of currency not just in convenience and time. The combination of Oracle 11g RAC infrastructure and good database administrator (DBA) can deliver uninterrupted data center operations for the diversified kind of applications.


How Oracle 11g RAC can be beneficial for the enterprises?

In the Oracle11g RAC stack the servers run independently and the failure of one server does not affect the operations on the other server. This lays the foundation for different characteristics offered by RAC, defined as follows:

  • High availability – Due to any kind of failure either the hardware or the software, the services remain uninterrupted. The redundant components enable the failover support and keep business disruption away at the time of failure in any of the servers.
  • Reliability – Oracle RAC’s are known for reliability. They ensure to deliver data and continue operations by keeping the cluster open and active even if the failure occurs at a single point. The internal bridging between the nodes, networking, and locking mechanism ensure the data resides logically connected.
  • Error Detection and recoverability – Oracle Clusterware automatically monitors Oracle RAC databases. The databases include the features to support recovery. This feature allows a cluster to identify the failure of any server (instance) and start the recovery process automatically.
  • Continuous Operations – No downtime and no delay in availability of data/services are key components for any business success. The clusters are capable enough to support the accessibility of data through applications at all time. This feature is highly demanded by business operations.
  • Scalability – RAC database provides excellent scalable options. As the need arises, the nodes as additional memory resources can be added to accommodate demand. This enhances the storage capability and the computing power to achieve increased performance.

Oracle 11g RAC incorporates above mentioned features and thus becomes an optimal choice for businesses to maximize the benefits despite failures.


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