A Big Picture of JBoss Middleware Administration

JBoss Operations Network or JBoss ON is commonly used as a network management software. It is open source and based on Java EE. JBoss ON is the administration and management framework for testing, development and monitoring of any application cycle. JBoss Middleware Administration Training allows professionals to innovate in a smart way across enterprises.

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Red Hat and JBoss

JBoss ON is part of the Red Hat Middleware group of enterprise products. These are lightweight, cloud-friendly and helpful for various organisations of today. Many small and medium enterprises prefer to have their information stored in data clouds. In a similar manner, many other functions are performed by the enterprise products of today.

Role of middleware in an organisation

Having the right middleware is very important for the success of an organisation. It helps the IT teams of a company be more productive than ever. The applications are built quicker and are also deployed quicker than before. With the right middleware, systems and data get connected and remain connected in an efficient way. Apart from these, time-consuming manual processes make way for automation through middleware.

JBoss Middleware brings together software from different open source communities. These include JBoss, Apache software foundation and Eclipse foundation, which are further integrated into robust platforms. Benefits of all these platforms are together obtained from JBoss.

Role of a JBoss System Administrator

A system administrator on JBoss needs to perform several tasks. Details about these tasks are given during the JBoss Middleware Administration Training course. These are essential, real world tasks that the administrator should be familiar with, in order to successfully deploy applications and manage the same.

Not only lightweight Java applications, but also large scale websites can be handled by JBoss. In fact, JBoss EWS can be deployed in various forms. It can be used as a simple Java application server, an enterprise open source application infrastructure or a Java enterprise web server.

Job opportunities for JBoss System Administrators

One look at various job portals and communities will show you that there are several opportunities for those with JBoss Middleware Administration skills. Therefore, it can be said that there is tremendous scope for growth in this field. The demand for such professionals is high in the industry. JBoss is owned by Red Hat, and there are also many Red Hat training courses in the market.


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