What All You Will Learn in an Android Training?

The knowledge about Android operating system and application development provides a good opportunity for the job seekers; however, nowadays, android devices are very much in demand and so is the application development for these android devices.

The Android training makes the trainees familiar with both the basic and advanced user interface of Android. The training focuses on the details intelligence of all the Android know-hows, which is important for designing or developing a user-friendly application for the operating system:

  • Introduction and Architecture of Android
  • Fundamentals of the Android Application development
  • Details of the Android user interface
  • Android UI Widgets and Layouts and API
  • Implementation of Animation and Designing
  • Multimedia and Location Navigation Services and a lot more


Even though, the module includes everything, which is essentials for the development of an advance and user-friendly application, but, the training is not completed without a hands-on practical introduction of the trainees with the development and programming tools and their implementation. All that Android training institutes offering:

  • Provide a hands-on experience on the implementation of the coding knowledge in real time projects
  • Make familiar with APIs, Navigation Map (Google) and sensor in Android
  • Provide a mock interview sessions to the freshers based on technical intelligence
  • Practical knowledge on developing an entertainment based application, etc.

Nevertheless, Android training must be focused on providing practical knowledge about the development and programming tools and their implementation on a real time basis along with the theoretical awareness. The candidates must acknowledge the advantage of having the experience of working on the real time projects.

The developers while Android training in Noida offers six months training to the fresher as well as professionals, who have hands-on experience in application development.


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