Tips to Get Started in Android Development with Mobile App Development Training

After receiving Android training, being empowered with knowledge and skills to create customized apps is an empowering feeling. This is the perfect platform to harvest innovative ideas. It could be a game, to-do list, or a graphics app. Any of these apps could make it to millions of apps on the Apps Store.

Android Development

Learn Java

Getting started in Android development is easier if the aspirant is well-versed in Java. For those who don’t know programming, can take up a course. After mastering object oriented concepts, it is easier to step into this role. Having a solid programming background helps. Even those with basic programming skills can start off and improve as they go along.

Staring using Eclipse and Android add-ons

Java and Android programming are closely coupled. In fact, Android apps are exclusively developed on this programming platform. The IDE (Integrated Development Environment) of choice is Eclipse IDE. When taking up mobile app development training from a training facility, Eclipse would have already been installed along with the ADT, Android SDK.

Get basic knowledge

The template apps are a good point to start. Compiling one of them provides the basic knowledge on how to run it on a real mobile phone. A wired or wireless connection from the personal computer to the mobile phone can be made to achieve this. For those who don’t have an Android phone, can simulate the same on a virtual Android phone environment provided by the SDK.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

Programming is a smart process. If there is reusable and proven code available, use it. This is one important aspect that certified instructors of an Android training institute would emphasize on. Those who learn Android development on their own end up writing code that is already available.

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