MB-220 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Training

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing unifies the customer information by providing marketing automation features such as lead scoring and customizable email templates and allowing the management to create personalized customer journeys. The MB-220 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Training is designed for the IT and Markerofessionals having a keen interest in learning Dynamics 365 Marketing. It will impart the knowledge of lead management, survey, segmentation, leads, and marketing application configuration needed to drive business growth.

To earn this hands-on course from Multisoft Systems, you need to carry a basic knowledge of the Dynamics 365 platform, an in-depth understanding of marketing principles, and experience in working with model-driven applications. Here you will meet the trainers with more than 15 years of experience in teaching Microsoft Dynamics 365.

MB-220 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Course Objectives:
  • How to create or manage leads?
  • How to manage marketing content, templates, and integrations?
  • How to configure advanced settings?
  • How to analyze or distribute surveys?
  • How to create or manage events?
  • How to design or create marketing forms?
  • How to set up marketing applications?
  • How to configure organization, business management, and content?
  • How to track customers as accounts or contacts?
  • How to create a lead and convert it to an opportunity?
  • How to configure and launch customer journeys?
  • How to create or manage segments?
MB-220 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Course Online Training
  • 32 Hrs. Instructor-led Online Training
  • Recorded Videos After Training
  • Digital Learning Material
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Lifetime e-Learning Access
  • 24x7 After Training Support
Target audience
  • IT professionals who are keen on learning Dynamics 365 Marketing
  • Marketing professionals who want to know the method of leveraging Dynamics 365 Marketing for businesses
MB-220 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Course Prerequisites
  • An in-depth understanding of basic marketing principles
  • Basic knowledge of the Dynamics 365 platform
  • Power Platform experience, especially in model-driven applications
MB-220 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Course Certification
  • Multisoft Systems is committed to providing you a globally accepted course completion certificate after you have completed the MB-220T00: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Training.

Module 1: Configure Dynamics 365 Marketing

  • Set up and manage Dynamics 365 Marketing
  • Configure marketing settings 

Module 2: Manage segments and lists 

  • Create and manage segments
  • Create and manage subscription centers and lists 

Module 3: Manage marketing forms and pages

  • Manage forms
  • Manage marketing pages

Module 4: Manage leads, accounts, and contacts 

  • Create and manage leads
  • Manage accounts and contacts 

Module 5: Manage marketing emails and customer journeys 

  • Create marketing emails
  • Create customer journeys 

Module 6: Manage events 

  • Create an event
  • Create a webinar event
  • Promote and manage events 

Module 7: Create surveys with Dynamics 365 Customer Voice 

  • Create a survey project
  • Create surveys with Dynamics 365 Customer Voice
  • Send Dynamics 365 Customer Voice surveys 

Module 8: Analyze insights in Dynamics 365 Marketing 

  • Evaluate marketing initiatives with analytics

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