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Multisoft Systems is offering a career-centric course, named ServiceNow Admin Certification Training. This training program gives a brief explanation to the ServiceNow ecosystem. This certification training course describes the various methods of implementing administrative functions. Also, it teaches you the configuration and running process of the administrative tasks.

Getting training in this domain is easy, but you are advised to be smart in choosing your institute. Finding a certified training house is the key to learning about Certified System Administrator from highly experienced trainers. Experienced trainers prefer to teach updated course modules and do that as per industry standards. These trainers are committed to delivering the best learning experiences to the aspirants. A small portion of the certified companies only provides the ServiceNow training classes with the certified trainers, offering the courses without charging much. If you are tricky enough to find any such company, you can multiply your job opportunities just after paying a minimum amount.

ServiceNow Admin Course Objectives:
  • Perform the main configuration tasks
  • Work with the User Interface, actions and data policies, client scripts, and business rules
  • Add new users, groups, and roles
  • Database and table management, import and update sets
  • Create the workflow activities, Control the system access and data security, etc.

Join this ServiceNow Admin Course &  ServiceNow Application Developer to get ready to set up an amazing and a brighter career for yourself.

ServiceNow Admin Course Target Audience
  • IT professionals keen to build a career in the Cloud Computing can join the course.
  • Functional consultants who are willing to switch to ServiceNow
  • Developers with a strong knowledge of Java, JavaScript, and C#
  • Freshers who wish to start their career in the Cloud Computing
ServiceNow Admin Course Prerequisites

There is no specific requirement for the ServiceNow Admin Training. Anyone who is interested and has knowledge of IT Service Management can go to the course.

ServiceNow Admin Course Prerequisites

Multisoft Systems will provide you with a training completion certificate after completing the ServiceNow Admin Training.

ServiceNow Admin Course Content

1. An Introduction to ServiceNow and its UI

  • An overview of ServiceNow
  • Various versions of ServiceNow
  • An Architectural Overview of ServiceNow
  • Login and User Interface of ServiceNow
  • Methods of configuring navigation
  • Various options of Search and Banding
  • Methods of managing Lists and Forms
  • Explore Several Filters
  • Breadcrumbs and Search functionality
  • Plugins
  • Social and Collaboration features in ServiceNow

2. User Administration

  • User data and authentication of the users
  • Adding new users and groups
  • Roles and usually offered roles
  • An introduction to Several Admin Roles
  • Testing and creating the Assignment Rules

3. Data Management and Reporting

  • ServiceNow and Database tables
  • Table relationships and administration
  • Types of Modules and Applications
  • Import Sets
  • Data sources and transform maps
  • CMBD (Configuration Management Database)
  • ServiceNow tables and CIS
  • Reporting applications and capabilities
  • Running reporting

4. Automation Platform of ServiceNow

  • Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge base architecture and security
  • Service Catalog
  • Essential components of the Service Catalog
  • Ways to maintain the Catalog variables and items
  • Record all the producers and order guides
  • Workflow situations
  • Key activities
  • Various conditions and stages
  • Approval and SLA

5. Core Application Administration

  • An architectural overview of Client Side and Server Side
  • User Interface policy and Data policy
  • User Interface Actions
  • Business rules and client scripts
  • An overview of different Security Levels
  • ACLs and settings of the high security
  • Setting events
  • Notifications and logs

6. Maintenance

  • Update set
  • Update all the Set capture and update all the set processes
  • Release cycle of ServiceNow
  • Notifications
  • Performance elements and stats
  • An overview of ‘Connect’
  • Connect - A useful collaboration tool

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