AutoCAD® 2D and 3D Training

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  • Project Based Learning
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AutoCAD® 2D and 3D Training Course Overview

The AutoCAD® 2D and 3D Training Program has become a popular choice for engineers, architects, and designers; Multisoft Systems is instrumental in providing it. It prepares them to convert 2D designs into 3D models. Here we have spacious and technologically-advanced classrooms that have helped us in training thousands of AutoCAD experts. Our certified design professionals focus on the concepts and tools of 2D and 3D.

This course will highlight the topics such as Managing 2D layouts, Various drawing tools, Planning and improving designs using AutoCAD®, Advance 3D concepts and surface modeling, formatting and printing designs, and Geometrical relationships. At Multisoft, you will also get Secure Access to the learning materials, 24/7 Availability, Analytical Reports, Collaborative Platform, QA Explanation, and 100000 + Question Bank.

In its successful completion, you will learn:
  • Create drawing using AutoCAD software
  • Design 2D layouts
  • Work with various drawing tools
  • Work with advanced 3D concepts
  • Manage 3D models
  • Work with surface modeling
Target audience
  • Architect Professionals
  • Architectural Engineers
  • Interior designers
  • Fine arts professionals
  • The professionals who work on logos, maps, fine arts, engineering designs, architectural designs, aeronautical designs and interior designs are eligible for this AutoCAD® 2D and 3D Training Program.

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AutoCAD® 2D and 3D Training Course Content

Introduction & Understanding to AutoCAD®, Drafting Settings, Assigning Units

  • Graphic User Interface
  • Point Picking Method
  • Set Drafting Environment
  • Workspace
  • Limits, Units and Documentation
  • Pan, Zoom and Drafting Settings

Draw Bar

  • Line
  • Ray
  • Construction line
  • Multiline, Polyline
  • 3D Polyline
  • Polygon
  • Rectangle
  • Helix
  • Arc
  • Circle
  • Donut
  • Spline
  • Ellipse
  • Point
  • Hatch
  • Boundary
  • Region
  • Donut

Modify Tools & Geometric Relationship

  • Copy
  • Mirror
  • Array
  • Scale
  • Erase
  • Divide
  • Measure
  • Spline
  • Edit
  • Offset
  • Move
  • Rotate
  • Trim
  • Extend
  • Chamfer
  • Fillet
  • Explode
  • Polyline Edit
  • Align
  • Stretch
  • Draw order

Object Properties, Layers & Utility toolbar

  • Properties
  • Layer
  • Utility toolbar
  • Calculator
  • Id point

Annotations and Hyperlink

  • Text (Single line and multiline)
  • Text Style
  • Dimension Style and Dimensions
  • Table and Table style
  • Multi-Leaders
  • Markup tools
  • Hyperlink

Blocks, Design Centre, Tool Palletes, External References, OLE, Raster Images, Creating Group

  • Block- Insert
  • Create
  • Edit
  • Write Block
  • Tool Palette
  • Design Centre
  • OLE
  • Groups
  • Imaging

Layout Management, Plotting & Printing, Set Paper Space

  • Layouts
  • Viewport Settings
  • ISO paper Setting
  • Page Setup
  • Plot and Print Area Setup
  • Make Drawing Format

AutoCAD® 3D

Understanding 3D Environment

  • Visual style, Views, Navigation, 3d UCS Features, 3D states (solid, surface, thicken), Concept of Region, Boundary & Polyline edit
  • Primitive solids (Box, Torus, cylinder etc.)
  • Derived solids (Extrude and Revolve)

3D Draw & Modify Tools

  • 3D Polyline
  • 3D-Array,Move,Rotate,Scale,Mirror, Align
  • Geometric Parameters
  • Polysolid, Press and pull
  • Derived solid - Sweep and Loft

Solid Editing, Advance 3d Concepts & Surface Modeling

  • Solid Edit - Union, Subtraction, Intersect, Interfere, Slice, Thicken, Shell, Separate, Face Operation, Edge Operation and Conversion
  • Surface Tools

Apply Materials, Rendering models, Plotting & Printing of 3d models

  • Lights, Materials, and Renders
  • Plotting Models and Generating Print Outs


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AutoCAD® 2D and 3D Training (MCQ) Assessment

This assessment tests understanding of course content through MCQ and short answers, analytical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and effective communication of ideas. Some Multisoft Assessment Features :

  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation
  • Secure login and authentication measures to protect data
  • Automated scoring and grading to save time
  • Time limits and countdown timers to manage duration.
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AutoCAD® 2D and 3D Corporate Training

Employee training and development programs are essential to the success of businesses worldwide. With our best-in-class corporate trainings you can enhance employee productivity and increase efficiency of your organization. Created by global subject matter experts, we offer highest quality content that are tailored to match your company’s learning goals and budget.

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Be it schedule, duration or course material, you can entirely customize the trainings depending on the learning requirements


Be it schedule, duration or course material, you can entirely customize the trainings depending on the learning requirements

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Be it schedule, duration or course material, you can entirely customize the trainings depending on the learning requirements

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Be it schedule, duration or course material, you can entirely customize the trainings depending on the learning requirements

Certification Training Achievements: Recognizing Professional Expertise

Multisoft Systems is the “one-top learning platform” for everyone. Get trained with certified industry experts and receive a globally-recognized training certificate. Some Multisoft Training Certificate Features :

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  • Course ID & Course Name
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  • Name and Digital Signature of the Awardee
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AutoCAD® 2D and 3D Training FAQ's

Developed and marketed by Autodesk, Inc., AutoCAD is a commercial computer-aided design and drafting software application that is used by architects, project managers, city planners, and graphic designers. The application, which was first released in 1982, is available in multiple languages and compatible with other design software solutions. It is Autodesk’s flagship product, and also one of the most widely-used CAD applications in the world.

1. AutoCAD Map 3D
2. AutoCAD Mech
3. AutoCAD MEP
4. AutoCAD Utility Design
5. AutoCAD Advance Steel
6. AutoCAD Architecture
7. AutoCAD ecscad
8. AutoCAD Structural Detailing
9. AutoCAD P&ID
10. AutoCAD Electrical
11. AutoCAD Plant 3D
12. Autodesk Civil 3D

1.AutoCAD enables us to create 2 and 3-dimensional models of solid surfaces and meshes.
2.AutoCAD is ideal in preventing product failures and warranty issues.
3. AutoCAD provides the necessary tools and workflow for building great products.
4.AutoCAD has universal acceptability.
5.AutoCAD has in-built tools that are used in maximizing productivity by offering documentation and detailing capabilities 3D Design.
6.AutoCAD has Tailoring tools that allow building in custom workflows.
7.AutoCAD enables individuals to configure settings as per the requirements. 

AutoCAD is universally-accepted CAD software, and its demand in the industry is well-known. Hence the requirement of individuals proficient in the use of AutoCAD features and tools is self-explanatory. As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Industrial Designers' average annual salary is $64,570. Also, research suggests an increase in the job growth of CAD Designers between 2012 and 2022. 

Yes, Autodesk maintains and promotes a training and certification community that represents individuals with expertise in using its products. In addition to learning, Autodesk conducts certification exams at three levels – Certified User, Certified Professional, and Certified Specialist. On the basis of knowledge and proficiency, individuals achieve higher certifications by passing relevant exams conducted by Autodesk. 

Individuals can work at Designers, Architects, and Engineers' designations after gaining expertise in using AutoCAD for industry design needs.

AutoCAD 2016 is the 30th version release for Windows, and AutoCAD 2014 was the 4th release for Mac devices. 

To validate experience in AutoCAD, learners can aim for two levels: AutoCAD Certified User and AutoCAD Certified Professional Certified User acts as a prerequisite for the next level, i.e., Certified Professional. 

At Multisoft Systems, participants are trained via experienced industry experts. This course focuses on all critical aspects to make learners comfortable with the features of the software, as well as confident of taking up the certification exams. Multisoft provides candidates with 24/7 access to the learning management system that contains all reference material, including module wise presentations, 9 assignments, and 2 projects to complement the learning experience. With the help of hands-on sessions and scenario-based learning, participants gain the confidence to appear in certification exams that test their skills acquired during the training.

While there are no mandatory prerequisites for taking up the certification exam, however, it is recommended that individuals spend time using the product. Participants must take up formal training from an Authorized Training Center before applying for the actual exam.
For AutoCAD Certified User exam, candidates are suggested to have 50 hours of hands-on application with the software.
For a Certified Professional exam, 400 hours of hands-on application with AutoCAD is recommended.
The professionals who work on logos, maps, fine arts, engineering designs, architectural designs, aeronautical designs, and interior designs are eligible for this AutoCAD® 2D and 3D Training Program.

Yes, Multisoft Systems is an Authorized Training Center of Autodesk. This ensures individuals gain the right skills that are recognized and demanded by the industry. The instructors impart knowledge in adherence to defined standards and current market trends, thereby promoting learners' competence. 

It is not a problematic task for you to access the official AutoCAD curriculum if you access the CAD/CAM/Piping Designing section on our official website. Check out which of these courses you are looking for.
- AutoCAD Civil 3D Grading Training
- AutoCAD Civil 3D Training
- AutoCAD Electrical Training
- AutoCAD Mechanical Training

Multisoft Systems is committed to providing you with a training completion certificate to every candidate  completing the AutoCAD® 2D and 3D Training Program. This course is designed to help the aspirants validating their skills and boosting confidence. 

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