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Classroom training, also termed in-person or traditional instruction, occurs in a physical classroom or training venue where a live instructor conducts the session, engaging with participants directly.

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Classroom Training Key Feature

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Batch size

Smaller batch sizes allow the trainer to understand the skill level of each attendee and accordingly maintain right pace of training, conforming individuals grasping of knowledge.

Focused Approach

Targeted classroom training maximizes learning efficiency with a focused approach, emphasizing key skills and knowledge for immediate application.

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Healthy learning environment

The group of individuals with close-to similar professional interests can follow structured learning and be benefited with others knowledge/experience.

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Quicker problem solving

An interactive session full of examples, exercises, project based learning builds a great peer group that facilitates quicker problem solving.

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Hands-On Practice

Certain skills, like laboratory work or technical tasks, are best learned through physical presence and hands-on practice.

Quality Assessment

Instructors can assess students' progress through quizzes, tests, and assignments, ensuring mastery of the subject matter.

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