Salesforce® App Builder (DEV 401) Certification Training

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Salesforce Building Applications with and Visualforce (DEV401) training builds the proficiency in developing web applications for cloud computing platform, This Salesforce developer training lays the foundation to create new Salesforce applications or customize the existing applications using the platform. Salesforce App Builder certification training also guides you on creating Visualforce pages to customize interfaces.

On the completion of the training, you will be able to:

  • Understand the factors to meet for creating a custom application
  • Build an application with customized objects and fields
  • Create and customize user profiles, permissions, and analyze suitability of field-level security
  • Design cloud applications for multiple users
  • Define validation rules  and organization-wide defaults (OWDs)
  • Maintain data consistency and implement techniques to prevent or record data changes
  • Automate business processes
  • Use the data loader and API-based data management tools to manage data
  • Use Visualforce pages  to modify the user interface
Target audience
  • Salesforce developers
  • Application developers
  • Programmers
  • Professionals willing to explore platform for developing applications
  • Aspirants looking for an advance level course for the developers, Apex & Visualforce Controllers course
  • Candidates with basic understanding of Java, Salesforce concepts and functionality can undergo this training.

On completing the training course, the candidates can write Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder exam.

Building Applications with (DEV 401)

1. Designing Applications on

  • Learn about factors to consider when building a data model
  • Develop custom objects and fields
  • Create and customize page layouts and publisher actions
  • Create master-detail, lookup, and many-to-many relationships
  • Create custom applications
  • Use custom object queues and event-based workflow rules with field update actions

2. Designing Applications for Multiple Users

  • Learn about factors to consider when designing applications for multiple users
  • Create and customize profiles to manage the user experience
  • Create and customize permission sets to manage the user experience
  • Employ organization - wide defaults (OWDs), sharing rules, roles, role hierarchy, public groups, and manual sharing to control access to records
  • Analyze suitability of field-level security, page layouts, and record types to satisfy business requirements

3. Implementing Business Processes

  • Use validation rules to enforce conditional required behavior
  • Use functions to enforce data format and data consistency
  • Create parallel approval processes and approval processes with dynamic approval routing to automate business processes
  • Establish approval process criteria with cross - object formulas
  • Set up field history tracking to audit processes
  • Learn techniques to prevent or record data changes
  • Create and deploy a flow using Visual Workflow

4. Managing Data

  • Learn when and how to export, delete, insert, update, and upsert data
  • Use the Data Import Wizard and Data Loader to manage data

5. Visualforce Pages: Enhancing the User Interface

  • Learn about the capabilities of Visualforce pages
  • Create Visualforce pages to modify the user interface
  • Learn about the functionality that comes with Visualforce page standard controllers
  • Create templates that can be applied to multiple Visualforce pages
  • Learn about incorporating Visualforce into a page layout
  • Learn about incorporating JavaScript and Ajax with Visualforce
  • Learn about exposing Visualforce to the Internet
  • Learn about incorporating Visualforce into Salesforce

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