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PingAccess is an identity-enabled access management product. This tool is ideal for you if you want to allow the right users to access sensitive resources of your organization. PingAccess works in association with PingFederate to integrate identity-based access management policies. Designed to protect Web Applications and APIs by applying security policies, it ensures that the users requesting access have the appropriate permissions to get into user context and device posture to access applications.

If access is granted, client requests and server responses can be modified by this tool. Hence, the companies can provide additional identity information required by the target Application. We are pioneer in providing this training. Contact us if you want to learn from the most experienced instructors in the industry. We will provide you with a certification after the completion of the PingAccess Training, which will be well recognized by the IT companies all over the world. Here you will be able to learn up-to-the-dated course contents with hands-on training that are based on real-life examples.

In its successful completion, you will learn:
  • You will be able to modify client requests and server responses
  • You will be able to make policy-based decision
  • You will be able to protect Web Applications and APIs by applying security policies
  • You can ensure that the users with appropriate permissions can request for access
Target Audience
  • The professionals who have gained PingFederate Administration skills or carrying equivalent work experience are eligible for this course.
  • The aspirants of PingAccess Training are required to have PingFederate Administration skills or equivalent work experience.

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