SAP S4 HANA Transportation Management (TM) 1909 Training

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SAP S4 HANA Transportation Management (TM) 1909 Training Course Overview

Do you want to reinforce the blueprinting stage of SAP implementation or allow SAP for using the system as a business handler? If yes, the SAP S4HANA Transportation Management (TM) 1909 Training is suggested to you. This course is considered as a compulsory prerequisite for all follow-on SAP TM courses. After its successful completion, you will be a master of identifying the SAP TM building blocks necessary for processing goods shipment, transportation network maintenance, transportation planning, shipment execution, and freight invoicing and settlement. At Multisoft Systems, you will get the benefit of learning the modules with hands-on training and real-life examples. The most experienced instructors in the world of SAP will train you. It is a SAP-accredited training company.

SAP S4 HANA TM Course Objective ::
  • Identify the SAP TM building blocks essential for goods shipment
  • Engross in Transportation network maintenance
  • Order/requirements integration and managing management
  • Transportation planning
  • Shipment execution
  • Freight invoicing and settlement
  • Use both the SAP ERP and SAP TM systems
SAP S4 HANA TM Course Target Audience
  • Business Process Owners
  • Team Leads
  • Users and Power Users
  • Application Consultants
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Consultants
  • Data Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Technology Consultants
  • Developer Consultants
  • Program Managers
SAP S4 HANA TM Course Prerequisites
  • Hey, we have great news for you! You don’t need carry any formal set of pre-requisites to pursue the SAP S4HANA Transportation Management (TM) 1909 training.

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SAP S4 HANA Transportation Management (TM) 1909 Training Course Content

SAP S4 HANA Transportation Management 1809 & 1909 Introduction 

  • Overview of SAP Transportation Management System
  • Transportation Management from Industry Practice Perspective
  • Understanding Transportation Management from Shipper Scenario and LSP Scenario
  • Mode of Operation of SAP S4HANA TM
  • Solution Architecture of SAP S4HANA TM

SAP S4 HANA Transportation Management Enterprise Structure

  • Setup
  • Difference in the Organizational Structure setup for Shipper and LSP
  • Purchase Organisation & Purchase Group
  • Planning Execution Organisation & Planning Execution Group
  • Sales Organizational, Sales Office, Sales group

SAP S4 HANA Transportation Management Master Data

  • Locations
  • Transportation Zone
  • Transportation Lane
  • Schedule
  • Default Route
  • Business Partner
  • Transshipment Point
  • Incoterm Location Concept
  • Resource Master and means of Transport
  • Overview of GIS
  • Configuration behind Setup of various Master Data

SAP S4HANA TMS Requirement/Order Management

  • Sales Order Integration Scenario
  • Order Based and Delivery based Transportation Requirement
  • Control Key Concept and Various Configuration
  • Forwarding Order Management including route and Movement type Concept
  • Charge Estimation
  • Forwarding Quotation

SAP S4HANA Transportation Capacity Management

  • Overview of Capacity Management in the SAP TM Scenario
  • Systematically Creating Schedule based Freight Document
  • Schedule Change Management

SAP S4 HANA Transportation Planning. (Freight unit and Freight Order Management in Embedded SAP S4 HANA TM 1809/1909)

SAP Freight Units Management

  • Definition and Configuration of Freight Unit Type
  • Properties of Freight Unit
  • Freight Unit Building Rule

SAP Freight Order Management

  • Freight Order Creation and different ways to trigger it
  • Configuration of Freight Order Type
  • Manual Planning
  • Selection Profiles
  • Planning Profiles
  • Transportation Cockpit
  • Transportation Page Layout

SAP TMS Automatic Planning

  • Optimizer Overview
  • Configure Optimizer Settings
  • Importance of Various Strategies
  • VSR Algorithm
  • Explanation Tool

SAP Carrier Selection & Sub-Contracting

  • Process Overview
  • Carrier Selection Constraint and Configuration
  • Means and Modes of Transport

Integration of Service Order

  • Usage of Service Order in Shipper Scenario
  • Configuration related to Service Order

SAP S4HANA Transportation Execution/Control/Monitor (Standalone TM and Embedded TM Perspective)

  • Execution & Monitoring Deal with Handling Freight and Providing Visibility of Shipments by using SAP EM
  • Statuses of Execution Documents
  • Overview of Discrepancy Concept
  • Overview of PPF Concept for understanding Output Management Concept

SAP S4HANA Transportation Charge Management

  • Agreement Determination and Creation and Various Configuration to setup
  • Scales Template
  • Rate Table Template
  • TCCS Template
  • Charge type Setup
  • Calculation Profile and Charge Profile

Transportation Settlement Process

  • Configuration behind Freight Settlement Document Type
  • Settlement Profile
  • Service Master Setup and Linkage to Create Service PO and Service Entry Sheet

Overview of SAP TM Integration with Other Modules (Only Theory Concepts)

  • SAP TM - EWM Overview
  • SAP TM - EM Overview
  • SAP TM - BW Overview
  • SAP TM - GTS Overview

Overview on Blockchain Concept in SAP TM

Consider SAP TM Strength and Limitation

SAP TM Technical Concept

  • Storing Data in BOPF Framework
  • Different BADI used in SAP TM
  • Floorplan Manager and BOPF integration
  • Different Database Tables and Fields used in SAP TM
  • Understanding Strategies and Process Controller Framework
  • Helper Classes 

SAP S/4HANA Features

  • Difference Between Standalone TM & Embedded TM in S/4HANA
  • POWL Concept
  • Coversion Techniques to S4HANA

Delta Feature Between 1709 & 1809 & 1909

  • New Functionalities in 1909
  • Config Nodes Added in 1909



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