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Multisoft’s 360 degree learning solutions play a critical role in every learner’s up-skilling journey. With primary focus on high-quality learning, we sustain the essence of education through an all-inclusive approach. Study anytime, anywhere and on any device; be guided by experts; and utilize the advantage of our robust learning management system (LMS).

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Candidates have 24/7 access to the learning management system, where they can read through the detailed study material. This includes module-wise presentations, reference guides and other material that the instructor thinks might be useful for students. Click here to view a snapshot of the course material.

Assessments & Mock Tests

At the end of each session or after the finish of a module, assessments let students check their understanding and the instructor is able to keep a real-time track of each individual’s progress. After the training gets completed, our certification-based mock tests prove very useful.
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Assignments & Projects

Multisoft engages candidates in real-time learning. With more emphasis on the practical implementation of acquired concepts, students are made to work on intensive assignments and projects. Successful completion of the same builds higher confidence level – leading them for a better professional start

In-Depth Learning Analysis

Multisoft facilitates learners to develop high-end skills with the help of infinitive analysis tools. As candidates embark their learning journey, our analysis tools in the background carefully gauge their every step. A detailed scorecard of each test attempt shows where the student flunked and what all the areas of strength.

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