Why IBM Content Navigator has become the norm in Enterprise solution

Being able to access information and data on the go is what users look forward to in the current times, and this is what has driven IT vendors to specifically adapt their core applications, which can provide instant access to plethora of data through mobile devices, anytime and anywhere.


IBM Content Navigator – Unified Enterprise Content Management solution

Understanding the whole nature of the burgeoning mobile market and the need for efficient enterprise solution, which provides users with everything on their devices in an efficient and collaborative manner, IBM Content Navigator offers an integrated ECM solution interface, which enables developers to leverage the cloud adeptly and build intelligible, clever and customized applications for high-end business-centric user experience. The robust development platform easily helps develop user-centric applications to give easy mobile access to any type of data, inclusive of documents, images, records and more.

What makes IBM Content Navigator so efficient?

IBM Content Navigator also relies on HTML5 open standards and offers a software development framework to effectually integrate business system functionalities and other enhancements for developing high-end, customized applications. This has enabled the rich user-interface platform a norm in the ECM offerings.

Advanced and high-end IBM Content Navigator features:

  1. Comprehensive and unified interface

It enables a large group of employees to access tons of documents and information from a single interface, without any need for individual interfaces. ICN also integrates easily with other IBM software such as Enterprise Content Management, which enables highly efficient and effective sharing and access of data.

  1. Integrated content analysis

Enterprise search capabilities and integrated layer of content analytics helps users to easily scout third-party sources and IBM platform for comprehensive information.

  1. Widgets

Widgets are what make IBM content navigator so effective and out-of-the-box development platform. The implemented UI components helps a web developer to widgets in customized applications, for developing specialized business-centric features, which enhances the overall user experiences.

  1. Custom functionality

The use of plug-ins provides ability to the developer to include custom functionalities for enhanced mechanism. The different functionalities that can be added through Content Navigator include Features, Menu Types, Response Filters, Viewers, Services, Layouts, Actions, Open Actions, and more.

With such advanced and efficient performance and functionalities, IBM Content Navigator has changed the overall game of Enterprise Content Management. Developers, who are looking to incorporate Content Navigator for building high-end applications, must look to gain enhanced knowledge about the platform with a comprehensive IBM training, which will help them develop futuristic applications.


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