How to become a certified CBAP professional?

CBAP is an acronym for Certified Business Analysis Professional, Everyone knows the relevance of CBAP certification now a day. This certification is given by IIBA®, specifically to professionals who works as a business analyst and have an experience of 7,500 hours.

Below mentioned stepwise approach will make the path, to become CBAP® professional, easy.

  1. Become familiar with BABOK®

Having a CBAP certification states that you are ready to become a senior business analyst. The preparation requires a fair understanding  of BABOK® guide.

  1. Check whether you meet the Business Analysis experience requirement

Prior to applying for CBAP examination, you must meet the requirements of 5 years or 7500 hours of business analysis experience. Since many professionals explores the profession, start by researching the CBAP only to get this step and later realize that they don’t meet the required experience.

  1. Decide whether CBAP is appropriate for you

Rigorous amount of hard work is going to be put and invested, so before applying jot down the reasons why do you need a CBAP certification?


  1. Check whether you have appropriate professional hours

To take forward the CBAP application, you should posses 21 documented professional development hours in the previous 4 years.

  1. Get done with your CBAP application

IIBA® website has a full page dedicated to whole registration process, and FAQ’s dedicated to the most queried questions.

  1. Schedule your CBAP exam

After the completion of the application, the nest step is scheduling of CBAP exam.

  1. Prepare yourself for the CBAP exam

Here, the preparation part begins, you can always get a CBAP Training in any metropolitan city. There are so many institutes of CBAP Training in Noida.

  1. Pass the CBAP examination

Take the exam and do your best, If you don’t clear the exam in the first attempt, you can schedule a second exam within one calendar year of application approval.



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