Base SAS and data analytics across industries

Prowess in computers and statistics can be put to good use by enrolling for base SAS training. SAS or Statistical Data Analysis is used around the world for data analytics. After learning base SAS, one can also enrol for advanced SAS training, in order to gather higher knowledge in this field. Data essentials and data manipulation techniques are the two main areas of knowledge in this course.


What really is base SAS? 

Base SAS is a scalable and integrated software environment that is meant for data transformation, access as well as reporting. It also comes with a fourth generation programming language and several ready-to-use programs for information storage, retrieval and descriptive statistics.

The way in which base SAS gets used is determined by what one wishes to accomplish. Some of the people use many capabilities of SAS, while others make use of just a few.

A complete list of SAS software capabilities

Though many of these aspects have been mentioned in the above lines, all the functions of SAS may not still be clear. Here is a better look at all of them:

  • Statistical as well mathematical analysis
  • Data management, entry and retrieval
  • Forecasting business and decision support
  • Graphic design, along with writing different reports
  • Development of applications
  • Project management and operations research

More about the base SAS training course

It is assumed that candidates who come to attend this course have absolutely no idea of SAS programming. Experienced instructors provide candidates with knowledge and skills to work in the real world. By the end of this course, they are able to do the following:

  • Write an SAS program
  • Be able to customise data sets
  • Read data from raw files
  • Format as well as merge SAS data-sets
  • Selecting various variables and writing observations based on them
  • Being able to execute data transformation
  • Get familiarised with other SAS languages

Different types of training

Instructor-led training is the most common method of learning about the use of base SAS. Here the instructor is always present to provide instructions and guidance on the course. Online training can be done with the help of Internet. Similarly, corporate training is provided at corporate companies by a trainer.

Scope of analytics in various industries

There are several companies around the world which make use of data analytics. This implies that base SAS is also used here. Industries as diverse as pharmacy, HR, credit and insurance firms as well as IT companies make use of data analytics. In addition, it is heartening to know that the salaries of data analysts are also pretty high. Thereby you can look at creating a bright future in this field.


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