How to be a Part of the Booming Data Analytics Industry

The Analytics industry is all set to witness a huge boom with the data market growing at an exponential rate. In the present age where digital data have almost become an integral part of people’s lives, the need for faster, smarter data solutions is only expected to increase. Companies are beginning to understand the value of data being collected but are falling short of skilled manpower who can unlock the true value of the huge collection of data. If one wishes to be part of this exciting industry then, Base SAS Training is what to look forward to. Apart from gaining a good grasp of the concepts, trainees also get hands-on training to build their proficiency.


Basic Concept of SAS and its Purpose

SAS institute built software suite is also known as SAS or Statistical Analysis System. The main purpose behind the making of this software suite is to help programmers access, manage, analyze and report data in the most efficient way possible. Programmers are able to carry out advanced analytics, data management, predictive analysis and business intelligence with the help of SAS.

The SAS software tool helps data analytics professionals to:

  • Manage data and retrieve information
  • Write reports and prepare graphics
  • Manage projects and research operations
  • Improve quality
  • Plan, forecast and assist with decision making

How to go About Building a Career in Data Analytics

One of the best ways to secure a job as a SAS professional is to undergo the SAS certification training from a reputed institute. The training imparts the candidate with necessary technical skills like writing SAS programs, reading data-sets, generating reports, etc. Upon successful completion of the training program, candidates are well prepared to take on the SAS certification exam. Starting from professionals already working with SAS to graduates preferably with decent programming skills to data managers, the training program has helped numerous individuals to grow their career in the data analytics industry.

Another way to start a career in this industry is through internships. Corporate giants like Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, America Express and others are constantly in search of good talents for business data analytics. Sometimes, they also offer internal trainings/on-job trainings to the new recruits equipping them all the necessary skills and knowledge. Data analytics forms a part of their daily decisions which why they are always on the lookout for qualified professionals. Getting an internship opportunity with any of these companies surely opens the floodgates of opportunities.

Wrapping Up

Businesses are fast shifting away from their usual process of decision making to something that is mostly data driven. Decisions are being taken not based on instinct but based on facts interpreted through tons of data. From providing the decision makers with useful insights to delivery of healthcare to many such things, data is what people require. However, to really make a mark in this industry as a data analytics professional, a business analytics course is certainly worth the time and money.


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