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What is Oracle Database ?

An Oracle database is an assortment of data considered as a unit. The objective of this database is to store and recover correlated information. The database server is a key to elucidate the complications of information management. In general, the server reliably manages a huge amount of data in a multiuser atmosphere so that many users can simultaneously access the same data. All this is accomplished while delivering high performance. A database server also inhibits unauthorized access and provides efficient elucidations for failure recovery.

The Oracle Database is the first and one of its kind database designed specifically for enterprise grid computing, one of the most adaptable and cost-efficient ways to manage information and applications

Each and every database requires at least one DBA-Database Administrator. An Oracle Database system can be large and can have multiple users. Therefore, database administration is not a one-person job, but a job for a group of DBAs who share accountability.


About Orcale DBA training

By undergoing Oracle DBA Training you will be able to understand the following tasks starting from Installing and upgrading the Oracle Database server, Allocating system storage and draft future storage  for database system, Building primary database storage structures after the developers have designed an application, Creating primary objects (tables, indexes, views,) once application developers have planned an application, Transforming the database structure from the data provided by application developers, Registering users and maintaining system security, Ensuring compliance with Oracle license agreements, Monitoring user access to the database, Optimizing and Monitoring the performance of the database, Planning for backup and  database information retrieval, Maintaining archived data on tape, restoring the database and backing up, Contacting technical support of Oracle and much more. You can perform all this functions with Oracle DBA, efficientely and effectively.

Oracle 11g  is one such interactive database software that permits storage and management of 11 GB data of the user, released by Oracle Corporation. The Introduction to Oracle 11g course teaches participants to appropriately manage an Oracle 11g database.

There are many self-paced Oracle 11g RAC training in Delhi and many other metropolitan cities that have been designed according to user’s requirement. These courses are easily accessible online as per participant’s convenience .

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