Know Oracle General Ledger For Financial Management in An Organisation

Software giant Oracle has its own business software available in the market. This comprises of non-database and non-middleware parts that are present in the Oracle business portfolio. The Oracle E-business suite 12.1 General Ledger essentials examination is meant for students who have a strong foundation in implementation of the business suite general ledger Financial Management solutions. To clear this exam, Oracle general ledger training from a reputed institute is necessary.


Over the course of this training, participants acquire skills to maximise their accounting process efficiencies in any enterprise. They understand how Oracle general ledger cam be integrated with other applications of the Oracle e-business suite. An experienced mentor helps them learn how to complete the entire accounting cycle. Basic accounting techniques of making journal entries and reverse entries are taught on the Oracle general ledger software, and so is data access security.

In the Oracle general ledger exam, candidates need to be aware of how to navigate the e-business suite, entering data, retrieving data as queries and also obtaining online help. Knowledge of Summary Accounts, General Ledger process, Accounting Setup Manager, Basic Journal entries, Advanced journal entries, Financial Budget, Multi-currency and a few others is necessary. In addition, adequate field experience is advised.

Features of the Oracle general ledger make it a useful software for Financial Management in any organisation, whether small or large.   Here is a list of some of the functions and features of the general ledger module:

  • Using Mass Allocations for automating cost and revenue allocations swiftly and correctly
  • Making use of the Financial Statement Generator (FSG) for creation of custom financial reports
  • Defining multiple calendars and accounting structures, as well as creation of new accounts defined combinations as per user rules
  • Automated conversion of foreign currency
  • Manipulation and analysis of accounting information

Candidates who appear for this training must have some accounting knowledge and experience of navigating any Oracle applications. Functional Implementers and Project Managers are ideal candidates for this course. By learning from such Oracle training courses, candidates can climb really high in their respective organisations.


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