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Uncertainty of the future of Java often deters students from taking up a Java course at a reputed Java training institute. For those who have little knowledge on the background and potential of this technology, it might be a passing phase. But this programming platform is here to stay. When it was developed as OAK initially, the developers did not know which direction this technology was heading. First used in embedded applications, not it is the platform of choice for web application development. With the arrival of J2EE, the growth of this technology leapfrogged.

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The following information helps understand why Java can never fade, but only shine brighter!

Use in Thick Clients

Expectations from application performance have sky-rocketed. To better performance, thick client architecture is employed. In this architecture, client side operational control is enabled. It is to relieve the server side processing architecture from small processing requests. Java applets are preferred for this given that they can function as stand-alone programs.

Strong base library
J2SE (Java 2 Standard Edition) is a robust base library. A 6 month industrial training in J2SE, also called as core Java, is the foundation for learning advanced frameworks of this technology. Core Java is a collection of features, APIs (Application Programming Interface), utilities etc. J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition) is derived from this core framework. Likewise, many other editions of Java are derivatives and in the future any advanced edition will always use this base library.

Standalone application development for desktops

The use of this technology is not just restricted to web applications. Modern hardware supports standalone applications in Java. There are many advantages of developing such applications in this programming language. Some of them are easy maintain-ability, scalability, platform independence, flexibility etc.

For those who wish to enter into the Java stream, choosing a good Java training institute is of paramount importance. Employers look for certified developers from credible institutes.

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