What skills should an IT entry-level professional focus upon

IT is the most sought-after and lucrative field for professional opportunities in the recent times, which is evolving day by day with broadening inventive technologies. Offering a multi-prolonged occupation roadmap, IT is preferred for its key technology areas, the most basic and entry-level being the maintenance task of PCs.

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PC maintenance and configuration modules

There are two basic components related to the system, which forms the backbone of the maintenance and efficient running of PCs:

Hardware: It contains full spectrum of components making up the entire PC, along with its configuration. A maintenance professional needs to have complete knowledge and skills of configuring and upgrading the hardware architecture and set-up devices.

Software: It deals with operating system and the related applications running on the PC. The maintenance function relates with configuring the network components, multimedia and desktop components, and sharing printers and drivers.

Preventive Maintenance

The major task in the hands of an IT professional is to make sure that the computer keeps functioning efficiently and effectively with a prolonged life. Businesses all over the world either sell preventive maintenance contracts or employ in-house IT staff to make sure that their IT infrastructure remain up-to-date without any error and complex issues, as most businesses rely on their IT spectrum for their business functioning and communication, gaining key benefits:

  • Improved IT performance
  • Data safeguard
  • Save money and time

Apart from the preventive maintenance, troubleshooting of the systems and the IT architecture in a quick and efficient manner is also a key functional area for IT professionals.

Service areas of IT entry-level professionals

Computer technicians work on several domains in the IT entry level spectrum, concerning maintenance, repair & configuration. They need to undertake several aspects of the IT architect, including:

  • Information system basics
  • Computer support fundamentals
  • Troubleshooting and upgradation
  • Software and application development

Education Requisites

IT entry level professionals need to instill comprehensive skills and knowledge of the entire PC architect in order to render proficient service, whilst working with a firm. The educational requisite includes certificate programs in computer technologies, computer hardware support, and other related Associate and Bachelor programs. The most suitable, preferable & demanded are the CompTIA courses, which provide proficient & comprehensive skill enhancement for IT professionals.

Developed by a unified body of industry giants like IBM, Dell, HP, Microsoft & more, the CompTIA A+ training course is the most beneficial for IT industry entry-level aspirants to gain requisite certification qualification for meeting the industry requirements.

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