How to Build an IT Career with CompTIA Certifications


  • CompTIA certification opens new opportunities in their carrier in the IT sector.
  • CompTIA certification is very streamlined to meet out the market expectation
  • A professional should take CompTIA certification in four stages
  • There are six courses available inCompTIA certification

The current world is moving very fast towards digital transformation and IT plays a very important role in that including uses of AI, Blockchain technology, Edge computing and many more. To be part of this new trend and become an IT professional, CompTIA Certifications provides the opportunity to fulfil your dream carrier in this sector. Nowadays, in the IT profession, CompTIA has become one of the most recognized and trustworthy names from any other merchants who provide certification for this sector. This company provides different certification level which is very standard and recognised by the reputed organisations. Their certification process is also very streamlined to meet out the market expectation. The various levels for the certifications are Core, Infrastructure, Cybersecurity and Additional Professional. You should take the following exams in order:

  1. CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ (ITF+) Passing the exam proves that you have what it takes to venture further down this path. It is the basic and beginner certification exam. You can skip this exam if you have already started your IT career.
  2. CompTIA A+ exam focuses on the installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of software, hardware, and operating systems. It is designed for entry-level IT professionals, such as field technicians, help desk technicians, and technical call centre employees.
  3. CompTIA Network+ exam covers the installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of networks. It is ideal for helpdesk professionals, infrastructure installers and junior network technicians.
  4. CompTIA Security+ is an intermediate-level exam that is considered for all IT positions beyond entry-level. It helps in understanding data, application, network, encryption, access control, hardening and secure software development.

Preparation for CompTIA examination

CompTIA certification courses have been designed to make exclusively excellent IT professionals. For excellent preparation, the person can select the course that provides the best knowledge to its professionals. For best results, after training classes, the candidate needs to practice the things and also go through the study materials for revisions. In the CompTIA exam, they will not give MCQ or any simple prefabricated sets of questions. The participant must know the performance-based question to better appear in the exam.

Make a decision: Cybersecurity, Infrastructure, or a Professional Addition

You have a choice to make at this time. The CompTIA road becomes divided. Infrastructure is located down one path. Cybersecurity is on the other side. Cybersecurity is the most favoured path due to significant industry trends. There are two intermediate certifications and one advanced certification available.

CompTIA Penetration Testing+ (PenTest+) is the newest CompTIA certification focused on offensive security. By passing this exam, you prove that you have the skillset for hands-on penetration testing to identify, exploit, report, and manage vulnerabilities on a network. Essentially, PenTest+ proves that you can stop a hacker because you have the skills of a hacker.

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) is CompTIA’s highest certification. The focus of CASP+ is on holistic, enterprise-wide security; the integration of security throughout the entire organization. According to CompTIA, this exam specifically targets “technical professionals who wish to remain immersed in technology as opposed to managing cybersecurity policy and frameworks.”

CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst+ (CySA+) is an intermediate certification designed for the defensive side of cybersecurity. This exam focuses on topics related to preventing, detecting and combating cybersecurity threats by applying behavioral analytics to networks and devices.

Exam procedure of CompTIA

CompTIA generally conducts two types of exams: one is offline mode, which means in-person at an approved testing centre and another is online mode. Basically, it has a limited time slot for testing, so book your nearest and preferred exam centre well in advance. You can also cancel or reschedule your exam up to 24 hours before the exam mainly depends on your voucher. Once, the voucher is expired or the 24-hour deadline is finished, it shows the voucher is expired. In case of an offline exam, the person makes sure that he/she reach the exam centre at the scheduled time and carry valid ID proof and also remember, in the exam centre they can’t carry any belongings. Similarly, at the time of the online exam they need to check in 30 minutes before the exam and carry a valid ID proof and also make sure that the system, you use to fulfil the criteria of the exam. Once you complete the exam you can check your score online.

  1. CompTIA A+ Training
  2. CompTIA Cloud Essentials Training
  3. CompTIA Cloud+ Training
  4. CompTIA Storage+ Powered by SINA Training
  5. Comptia N+ Certification Training
  6. CompTIA Project+ Training

CompTIA certifications reveal new job opportunities

CompTIA is a leading resource to consider for both formal and informal training. After passing the CompTIA examination, a person gets new opportunities in their carrier in the IT sector. It is also a rewarding experience for both the organization and for the individuals. After successfully finished the examination and obtaining the certificates the aspirant will be eligible for a higher salary from esteemed companies of this sector. It will ensure good growth in their professional carrier. Don’t take it lightly; the benefits of the certificate are so clear.


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