An introduction to Project Plus and training associated with it

Project Plus Certification TrainingProject management is gaining in importance in many fields. The ability and skills needed to plan, manage and execute projects and manage all the resources so that the project gets completed on time is a vital requirement for team leaders and project managers.

A project can be any well defined activity with a well defined goal. The development of a software application, a building construction, a special function at a school, all of these are projects. They are time limited and have specific goals. They need people to manage time and resources so that the set goals are achieved and the whole project is executed smoothly.

Realizing the need for qualified project management professionals, many organizations like the PMI and CompTIA have designed standard certification programmes on project management. Many institutes around the world offer project management courses.

Project Plus

Project Plus or Project+ is a certification course in project management. The course and certification are designed by CompTIA, the professional association that designs educational courses for the IT industry.

Certified Training in Project Plus

Project Plus training and certifications are offered in many places in India. The Project+ certification courses cover the entire project life cycle, and equip the student with all the skills required to plan, execute and close a project successfully.

For those who are searching for Project+ certification Noida, there are many options like PMI recognized institutes, Multisoft is a Project Plus training institute in Noida which offers Project Plus certification training in Delhi/NCR.

Project Plus Training and Certification

Project Plus or Project+ certification courses cover all aspects of project management. It starts with project initiation and planning and continues on to cover execution, control and monitoring, and closing of a project. Each stage deals with vital tasks in the project life cycle.

The initiation stage defines goals and activities. The planning stage involves identifying and planning the resources required, budgeting and breaking down the projects into small tasks or steps. Execution stage involves the actual implementation of the project, where all the resources are brought together and all the tasks required for project completion are executed.

Controlling involves properly managing all the resources including manpower and time. Closing focuses on delivering the final goals and obtaining sign-off.

All this involves many skills like time and resource management, people and communication skills, scheduling, troubleshooting in case of problems and enforcing quality control.

The Project Plus training and certifications ensure that the person is qualified in all these aspects and can provide valuable services to an organization in planning, managing, and executing projects successfully.

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