Control the outcomes of a project with Primavera Training

Primavera Training is meant to help employees who have to often work on a number of sophisticated and varied IT projects. For the purpose of project management, Primavera P6 Project Management software is available in the market. In this software, it is possible to define budgets, milestones and scheduling. This training is from Oracle and can be provided by a licensed training institute.

During this training, participants get to know about each and every stage of a project lifecycle, from planning up to implementation. The course is most suitable for project managers and schedulers, who wish to make use of a project management software to make scheduling easier, as well as increase employee performance levels. Consider this course to be suitable for project analysts, project control engineers, planners or schedulers and functional implementers.


What should candidates be aware of before joining this course? 

It is important that candidates must have thorough knowledge of project management principles, in order to benefit from Primavera Training. Participants must also be familiar with the Windows environment. Someone coming from the Mac or Linux environment will not quite suit the training.

Advantages of the training         

Project managers will be extremely happy to have a software to monitor the activities of their teams. Here are some of the other advantages:

  • Up to 1,00,000 activities or projects can be monitored at one time
  • Performance of employees is automatically raised by several bars
  • Several guidelines about making informed decisions on portfolio management, risk evaluation and potential returns are given in the software
  • Optimal resource allocation and scheduling are two major features of the P6 software, which help manage the project within constraints

Oracle Primavera is a popular portfolio management solution for several organisations of the world today. It is globally recognised as the most comprehensive solutions for organisation driven by completion of projects. With the help of Primavera, real-time visibility into the projects is possible. Delivery of projects is fast and costs incurred also low.

Knowledge of Primavera is helpful to forge a lucrative career in the project management field. Know more through Primavera Certifications.


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