Why Java is a Favorite Among Programmers

Java is a programming language that has earned huge acceptance among programmers all over the world. This elegant language consists of well-designed, powerful API’s that allows programmers to enjoy coding and bring out intended results. Sometimes, people get confused regarding what is Java and what is core Java? Core Java is not but the “Java Standard Edition” or “JSE”. On the other hand, J2EE is the enterprise edition consisting of core Java along with powerful library sets. Those who wish to make their career as a Java specialist will find it extremely helpful by enrolling for a Core Java Course that would guide them towards the right path.

Advantages of Java Programming Language

Java is a fun, easy-to-learn language that comes with loads of benefits, some of which has been discussed below:

It is based on OOP (Object Oriented Programming) Language

The fact that Java has its foundation in object oriented programming language is one of the reasons why developing Java applications are quite easy. Apart from that, it also assists with keeping the system extensible, flexible and modular.


Java is not Rocket Science

Majority of the programmers feel that learning Java isn’t that difficult however its takes patience as well as experience to earn a reputation as a good programmer. Its easy syntax along with the availability of few magic characters not only makes learning easier but enhances readability as well.

It has Development Tools that are Quite Powerful

Tools like Netbeans and Eclipse make Java even more productive and powerful. Those who have coding experience in Notepad or DOS editor will find it extremely easy and comforting to code in IDE.

It Consists of Rich Sets of API

The credit for the success of Java as a programming language also goes to its rich sets of API that comes with installation. It has API for networking, I/O, XML parsing, database connection, utilities and many more.

Open Source Libraries Available in Plenty

The usability of Java almost in every application is mostly dependent on the fact that Java has plenty of open source libraries that makes it cost-effective, faster and easy to put to use.

Java provides programmers with various options to extend their career in different directions apart from programming. Core Java Training imparts the required knowledge to candidates, helping them to expand their career in the desired direction.


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