4/6 Weeks Industrial Training in PLC and SCADA

4/6 weeks training program in Programmable logic Controllers (PLC) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA) will equip the budding electrical engineers with the knowledge and skills essential for designing, monitoring, and handling the control systems or hardware involved in the industrial automation process. Experts from the industry will drive the learning sessions and provide hands-on exposure to build the capabilities required for surviving in this competitive world.

Extensive curriculum starts with the introduction to automation explaining about the need, application and components of automation. The difference between relay, contractor, and PLC logic is explained, supported by example from industrial scenario. Electrical engineering students will further learn the architecture, programming language, interfacing methods, and other important concepts including troubleshooting.

The practical and professional training on SCADA explains the difference between the micro-controller, PID controller, and PLC controller. Creating a SCADA project and developing SCADA applications will help the candidates to establish connectivity with different hardware, protocol, and software. Focusing on PLC and SCADA concepts you will imbibe the skills and become a potential candidate of the design, control, maintenance, and repair teams of the industrial plants.

All the industrial training courses can also be delivered through online training.

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