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Staying updated is the key to thrive in this competitive age. Our training solutions are tangible and make your teams proactive in the work plan and its execution. The highly professional team of Multisoft has successfully involved and drives success in a variety of different corporate cultures. We seamlessly determine your training requirements, mode of delivery and infrastructure required.

Corporate Customized Training Companies

Customized Corporate Training

All the training details can be customized covering the duration, schedule, course material and most importantly an expert trainer.

Certification Based Corporate Training

Certification Based Corporate Training

The course contents are designed under the strict supervision of professionals from the relevant industries, focusing on the needs of the market.

Fly Me A Trainer

Fly Me A Trainer

Custom-made to suit the requirements of corporate customers, Fly-Me-A-Trainer enables organization to have our specialist’s direct trainings on their locations.

One-on-One Training

One-on-One Training

Multisoft system One-on-One Training system permits 100% customization of training program and plan for individual aspirants. Key benefits are:

  • Better Quality
  • Trainer's Full Attention
  • Customized training curriculum
  • Optimum level of interaction
  • Easier adaptability
On Demand Training

On Demand Training

On Demand Training are provided by the skilled consultants from the relevant industries, focusing on the needs of the market. Training program provides:

  • High quality content
  • Hands-on Sessions
  • 24*7 Availability
  • Authorized course content
Corporate training companies

Anytime, Anywhere – Across The Globe – Best Corporate Training Solutions

On successful completion of the training program, we also provide job-placement assistance to the participants attempting to gain foothold in the competitive industries.


Give your team a competitive edge by bagging certification, validating the technical skills, depending upon the companies line-of-business. Certified employees can address the business challenges more effectively and give your organization more opportunities of generating higher revenue.

To impart top quality training for various certification programs to the professionals, Multisoft Systems invites corporate consultants with vast industrial experience; provides official courseware to the professionals; uses licensed software; uses cutting-edge infrastructure and facilitates online learning. 24x7 access to eLearning portal comes with and e-mail online support

Also, to render thorough training to the professionals, Multisoft Systems assigns a project to the professionals based on a technology.

“Help Me with a Trainer” is a service specially designed for corporates that want a trainer to come to their location to train, mentor, and enhance the skills of the professionals on a particular and on-demand technology instead of sending their employees to get trained at Multisoft.

Once a trainer from Multisoft arrives at the corporate location, the trainer connects to the server of Multisoft’s data center and starts the training. This approach not only allows professionals to get remote access to state-of-the-art software and tools, and official study material at Multisoft center, but also enables them to complete an urgent project within the set deadline, sitting at their own premises.

Thus, this is an innovative and unique service focusing on the corporates customized requirements.

Being updated about a new and blooming technology can help corporates to deliver better, fast and powerful solutions. Multisoft’s “Training the Trainer” program allows a trainer or a team of trainers of an organization to upgrade their knowledge as per the current market trend which in turn helps a corporate to produce efficient solutions. This facility is designed for organizations who want to update their trainer’s knowledge and instruction delivery skills as per their business requirements.

The project or process managers taking all crucial calls in regards to project planning, project strategizing, or project investment must ensure that their team should be armed with the required knowledge to handle every phase of the project effectively. This increases employee efficiency and is because the managers take all crucial calls in regards to project planning, project strategizing, or project investment and any wrong decision can cost dearly to the organization.

This service is designed for corporates who want to send their professionals to Multisoft Systems for getting equipped with knowledge on the required technology and the technical skills to implement it back in their organization. This facility from Multisoft provides end-to-end solutions to the corporate.

Multisoft has helped many organizations in India and abroad to increase their productivity and deliver praiseworthy results with its Offshore Training service. If required, companies can avail Multisoft’s “Learn and Travel” program that takes care of all necessities like training, lodging, boarding to travelling. Well-planned arrangements by Multisoft turn your training into vacation cum a great learning experience.

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