4/6 Weeks Industrial Training in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering, Automobile and Production, some of the oldest disciplines, have in the recent times seen a huge surge in market demand. As the obsession for motor vehicles and automated machinery strikingly increases, so does the importance of our project-based 6 months industrial training in Automobile & Mechanical Engineering. Unlike regular academic engineering programs, our trainings are project-oriented. Students work on live projects, build actual engineering models, solve problems real-time, and receive complete expert guidance. This means that completion of the training makes them fit for the industry.

The six weeks mechanical training courses are conducted in conjunction with under- and post-graduate studies, which means students work towards academic endeavors and practical exposure simultaneously. By the time candidates are degree holders, they are also job-ready. An important part of Mechanical, Automobile and Production domains lies in designing. Much before sites are actually constructed; and long before vehicles are physically built, the design of planned structures plays a vital role.

All the industrial training courses can also be delivered through online training.

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