3 Must-Have Skills for the Microsoft Azure Administrators

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Microsoft Azure Administrators are responsible to provide size, look after, and correct resources as appropriate. They execute, supervise, and sustain Microsoft Azure solutions related to Compute, Storage, Network, and Security. A professional is eligible to pursue this training if he/she aims to become an Azure Administrator with a deep understanding of the entire IT lifecycle.

Microsoft Azure Administrators manage, implement, and monitor identity, governance, storage, compute, and virtual networks in a cloud setting. These professionals are responsible to provide size, look after, and correct resources as appropriate. The high speed of change in the grouped with the effect of the ever-evolving technology has an important effect on organizations currently. This is the prominent reason to join the world of AZ-104 Microsoft azure administrator. They are responsible for execution, supervision, and sustaining Microsoft Azure solutions, including primary services related to Compute, Storage, Network, and Security. Here we go with the set of skills needed to become a successful Microsoft Azure Administrator.

Good knowledge of computer 

The Azure administrator needs very good computing knowledge. Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) is also recognized as Azure Administrator. The IaaS typically boils down to running virtual machines (VMs) in the cloud. For a successful Azure Administrator, you should have understood with either or both of the industry-leading hypervisor platforms:

  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • VMware vSphere

Skills in storage data management 

Azure assigns Administrators with boundless storage. The foremost function of the Azure Administrator needs to apply perfectly and keep safe of the storage. Microsoft offers the tools to the administrators and it is their duty to use them to the best methods. The administrators should know how to secure data from illegal access, manage the storage backup and retrieve them when required, and also Configuring long-term archival storage.

Networking and Security knowledge 

A successful Azure Administrator will understand the tasks like arranging and configuring virtual networks, managing all IP addresses for your VMs, also being able to choreograph the routing paths in all types of clouds. In respect of security, the Azure Administrator manages Microsoft’s security controls which include data encryption, dropping the attack surface of your system against various cyber threats.

Who are eligible for pursuing MS AZ-104 Training? 

You are eligible to pursue this training if you have a deep understanding of the entire IT lifecycle and aim to become an Azure Administrator. The aspirants of Azure administrator training are needed to have a certain level of experience in working with operating systems, cloud infrastructure, storage structures, ARM templates, virtualization, and networking. A certain level of proficiency in using PowerShell and the Command Line Interface will be a big plus in this regard.

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