5 Important Advantages Offered by Cloud Computing to Modern Businesses

Cloud computing could be simply defined as the internet-based computing. That is to say, it is a kind of computing that eliminates the need for storing data and downloading applications and software locally, rather these resources are made available on a central server over the internet, called the cloud, from where they could be accessed and used as and when required. There are primarily three types of cloud computing services in use nowadays: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS, and Software as a Service (SaaS). Today, the majority of large, medium and small-scale enterprises are making use of this technology in their day to day business activities.

We have listed below five important advantages offered by cloud computing to the modern businesses:

Cost Saving

Cloud computing facilitates you to substantially cut down on your IT budget as it eliminates the need for installing and maintaining a lot of hardware equipment in-house. You could avail all the benefits of an in-house data center, and even more, by simply adopting a subscription-based model. Also, these services could be increased or decreased according to your fluctuating business needs, which again helps in cost reduction.

Enhanced Flexibility

The cloud computing technology provides enhanced flexibility to companies in the way that it enables business organizations to outsource the tasks such as data storage and backup, and focus on core tasks like product design and development. It also enables the employees to access the data and resources that they require for their work from any location; they could be assigned work-from-home tasks or sent for project work to remote locations by the companies.

High Performance

Managers can keep track of the work and stay in touch with employees and contractors working in different locations through cloud computing. Also, employees can log in from their home or elsewhere and interact with colleagues, who may be located several time-zones away, regarding the project. Not only this, the cloud technology boosts performance by freeing desktop space and other local IT resources.

Better Security

Lost laptops and other such equipment may lead to important data loss and consequently, business loss. Cloud computing prevents this situation as all your crucial business data is located on a cloud server, which remains unaffected, no matter what happens to your machine. Also, the problems such as data theft and data loss due to a disaster can be totally avoided by taking the cloud computing service from a reputable service provider.

Environment  Protection

Cloud computing not only enables the businesses to do well on the financial front, but on the social front as well. It helps them in discharging their social responsibility by reducing their carbon footprint and protecting the environment. The cloud technology does so by providing shared resources, hence saving energy that would be otherwise spent on individual resources; and, by scaling up and down the server capacity according to your business’s operation and storage requirements.


An increasing number of organizations are looking for cloud solutions these days. Therefore, the demand for capable cloud computing professionals is rising in the industry. The present time is the most opportune time for students and professionals to obtain cloud computing training and make a successful career in this field. Whether you take cloud computing training in Noida, Delhi, or elsewhere, make sure you enroll in a reliable institution.


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