A Gist about Advanced Technologies in Industrial Automation

Usage of suitable control systems to operate machinery and processing has doubled the productivity replacing manual operations. Automation needs devices compatible with different interfaces to meet electronic, electrical and mechanical industrial requirements that increase product efficiency and accuracy. The main manufacturing advanced technologies in automation platform are PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers), SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), HMI (Human Machine Interface) and DCS (Distributed Computing Architecture), these systems compliance with the industrial regular standards and can be customized as per the client specifications.

Industrial Automation

PLC is designed to control multiple inputs and output scenarios in electromechanical process. It caters control devices such as displays, lighting systems and valve controls which are used in factory machinery, theme parks, traffic signals, hotels, hospitals and construction setups.

SCADA is a sort of industrial control system that monitors and controls industrial infrastructure. The main objective is to develop conditions to manage data acquisition in various aspects, especially to manage large scale processes in power generation, power transmission, communication, fabrication, etc.

HMI is the integral part of SCADA system. It is the graphical representation of the system with lights, controls and gauges located in the machinery. SCADA controls entire control operations in the plant, while HMI is the only area which is visible and a way to interact with the system.

DCS is a control system designed for manufacturing industries where the entire system is connected by a network for monitoring and communicating. Mainly DCS control systems are used in power grids, traffic signals, oil refining plants, chemical plants, pharmaceutical production, metallurgical plants, sensor network, dry cargo ships and oil container ships.

Industrial Automation Training & Certification:

To meets the ever growing demand for trained professional in manufacturing and automation industries, leading academic and technical institutes provides training and certification in Industrial Automation all over India. Working professionals, Bachelor Degree/Diploma engineers in Electronics & communication/ Electrical/ Mechanical/ Instrumentation/ Mechatronics; final year students for project submission are eligible to pursue the Industrial Automation training and certification.

PLC SCADA Training, HMI Training:

Candidates can opt for PLC training, SCADA training and HMI training separately or as a combination, PLC SCADA training, SCADA HMI training. Final year engineering students can attain Industrial training in PLC SCADA during their vacations or after completion of the graduation. Noida accommodates best PLC SCADA training institutes; aspiring candidates can approach leading PLC SCADA training, HMI Training institutes in Noida and Dehradun that renders best lab facility and training by qualified and certified faculty.

PCB Training:

PCB training course mainly features PCB circuit board assembly and solder training. To make a career in circuit technology PCB training is a must. PCB designing and training institutes in Noida provides training in assembling and soldering on PCB for college students and trainees to meet specific needs.

DCS Training:

DCS Training course contains application of DCS, DCS architecture, hardware of DCS and practical exposure on DCS systems.

Panel Designing Training:

Panel designing training course emphasizes on control and power circuit designing, maintenance and troubleshooting on live control panels. Panel Designing Training institutes in Noida renders the best training kit in Panel Designing for students and professionals.

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