A quick introduction to Java Servlets

Java Certification in NoidaThe term Servlet is used very commonly but not all know its meaning; how it is used and how it helps to enhance a server’s capabilities. Before we begin with Java Servlet, we need to understand about web server.

About Web Server

When a user types a URL on the address bar, web server comes into play as at that point of time, it sends data, verifying HTTP protocol. To elaborate, suppose if a user enters www.multioftysystems.com on the address bar of a browser (referred as client), the web server converts the required data to be sent based on HTTP protocol, which contains format details and response message.

About Servlet and Servlet Container

When a request is made by user/client, the request is static. To be specific, based on each request, webpage information is sent. This limits fast exchange of information. That is, by this method, web server takes some time to send web pages one by one and thus, webpages load slowly.

To overcome this, Java uses servlets to generate webpage dynamically within server. This is carried out readying the data to be transferred within the server, based on the inputs of the user. The place where servlet is stored so that loading of webpages can be fast is called servlet container. Therefore, servlet container plays a major role in the web server to ensure dynamic loading of web pages.

Training on Java Servlet and Advance Java Training

Multisoft Systems, Java Training institute in Noida, is recognized and the best for Core Java training and Advance Java Training. On servlet front, it will focus on javax.servlet package which includes three phases of a servlet lifecycle – init() for request initialization; service() for understanding the request type and dispatching information based on the request type, and destroy() for destroying servlet object. These are executed by every servlet (included in SDK).

More importantly, Multisoft Systems provides training on all aspects of Java programming concepts which are as follows:

1. Core Java 7
2. Struts
3. EJB
4. Hibernate
5. Spring
6. Advanced level training consists of JSP, Servlets, EJB, JDBC, API’s, RMI and Frameworks like Struts, Hibernate & Spring.
7. JSF
8. Servlets
9. JSP

Outstanding features of Multisoft Systems’ Java Training and Certification

1. Authorized Partner of Oracle as it has partnered with Oracle University for providing Oracle related technology training in its centre.
2. Latest and licensed version used.
3. Oracle University Official Course Material is provided to the candidates so that they understand latest database architecture and design.
4. Oracle Certified Corporate Consultants having industrial training experience give lectures and supervise in the lab.
5. Java based project   is assigned to each participant so that they can understand all features of Java Servlets completely.
6. Access to e-learning portal and email support – 24 x 7
7. Doubt clarifying and feedback sessions
8. State-of-the-art infrastructure
9. Multisoft Systems has authorization of Pearson VUE to hold online Oracle certification exams. Thus professionals can give a shot at Java certification exam from Multisoft Systems center itself.


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