Adopting Salesforce Service Cloud to Reap the Maximum Benefits out of Cloud Computing

Businesses all over the world are turning towards cloud computing in order to simplify processes and increase business opportunities. Through cloud computing, businesses are easily able to share various resources like software, storage and hardware with other computers connected on the network, facilitating easy management of resources and time. CRM tools like Salesforce Service Cloud are being increasingly adopted by businesses to deliver quicker and responsive services throughout different channels. On top of that, Service Cloud in Salesforce also allows better customer experience and engagement making it a favorable choice among different organizations for their business operations.

Key Benefits Offered by Service Cloud to Businesses

Service Cloud enables professionals to collaborate, prioritize as well as resolve external and internal inquiries in an efficient manner, all the while offering robust metrics for smoother and better management of customer service. Some key benefits of this tool have been discussed below:


  • It is scalable. Additional costs need not be incurred for hardware requirements to support a growing business
  • It has an integrated knowledgebase which allows professionals to easily share information
  • It can be integrated with VOIP systems and phones which help to locate and access details of a customer like contact, account, etc. The integration also ensures that every call gets documented and wrong number cases are reduced
  • It is integrated with various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LiveChat and more. This helps to respond to customer queries in a customer favorable and efficient manner

Companies are Increasingly Seeking Certified Salesforce Service Cloud Professionals

As employment opportunities widening in the cloud computing domain, organizations are constantly in search of certified Service Cloud professionals with relevant knowledge and practical experience. Certified professionals ensure smooth deployment and ideal use of the investment made in Salesforce Service Cloud. Companies can breathe a sigh of relief when they know that the responsibility has been bestowed upon able professionals who have thorough knowledge of the system. With more and more cloud based job opportunities expected to open up over the next few years, Cloud Computing Certification Courses offered by different institutions will definitely witness a surge in demand.


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