Advanced SAS Certification: A Very Useful Qualification in Data Analytics Field!

SAS (previously Statistical Analysis System) is a software suite developed by the SAS Institute meant for advanced data analysis, multivariate analysis, data management, business intelligence, and predictive analytics. The SAS certifications, such as the SAS Base Training and Advanced SAS Certification, enjoy widespread recognition and demand in the IT industry. These certifications are really helpful for the data professionals and the aspirants who want to make a successful career in this field.

Today, when the business organizations around the globe are giving great emphasis on the proper collection, organization, and analysis of data in order to draw meaningful insights out of it for business growth, the demand for competent data analytics professionals is on a rise. According to the industry experts, this demand will increase at an increasing rate in the future, owing to the increasing reliance of organizations on data analysis. Therefore, the present time is perhaps the most opportune time to learn data sciences and data analytics through professional courses such as Big Data Hadoop and SAS Certifications.

SAS Institute launched its Certified Professional Program in April 1999 in association with its authorized training partners spread in different countries. Since then, the institute has awarded professional certifications in various data domains to thousands and thousands of candidates. The reason behind the widespread popularity of the SAS qualification is that it adds weight to your resume and attract the prospective employers towards you. Employers always prefer the candidates having such a professional certification, in addition to the university qualification, over the candidates straight out of college. The SAS certifications indeed enjoy a high market value and industry acceptance; it tops the list of advanced analytics courses available at present.

Whether you are planning to pursue the Base SAS Certification or the Advanced SAS Course, you must pursue this certification training from an established institution having a proven track record. You may gather information about the institution through the internet and your personal sources. It is also advisable to go through the student reviews, which provide a fair idea about the quality of training imparted by the institution. The online SAS training would prove to be the best option for working professionals and full-time students. The online mode of education provides unmatched convenience and flexibility to the learners and it is considered on par with the classroom training.

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