Advanced SAS certification-the real picture

Statistical Analysis System (SAS) is a highly popular course among software programmers and developers. By knowing this technology, aspirants get certified with a SAS certification, which holds tremendous value in the market. A recent study from said that 83% career professionals reported a hike in salary after earning the SAS certification.


In order to get to the level of Advanced SAS certification, one needs to clear base SAS programming first. As the name suggests, the basics of SAS are taught in this course. Over this course, when aspirants start displaying expertise on the language, they can work towards Advanced SAS.

Tasks carried out by Advanced SAS professionals

There are many tasks that are completed by professionals in the advanced SAS field. One of these tasks is making use of advanced Data step programming statements and numerous techniques in order to solve difficult problems. Accessing data with the help of SQL is taught to the students. The SAS SQL code can be written and interpreted by the SAS experts. In addition, they also get to know usage of the SAS MACRO facility.

Target audiences for the course

SAS is a course meant for business analytics. Therefore, the major target audiences for the Advanced SAS programming course are business analysts and data scientists. Professionals who are involved in the process of statistical data collection and data analysis should know the fundamentals of Advanced SAS programming.

Preparation for the Advanced SAS certification exam

Every reputed training institute which teaches Advanced SAS will provide training and important tips for giving the certification exam. The experienced instructors know about the exam and can highlight the areas when emphasis needs to be given. They also understand the slight differences between the course objectives and its final use in the industry. You will also be able to get a taste of the difficulty level in these exams by viewing past years’ question papers.

There is inaccurate description about this certification exam in the market. It is important for training institutes to give students the real picture. At the end of the day, they must understand how invaluable advanced SAS is to the growth of their careers. One can also opt for business analyst certification if one wishes to become a business analyst.


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