All About Linux Device Driver Training

Linux Kernel and Device Driver Development Training solely on a fair knowledge about the learning of Linux kernel, device driver, and RTOS (real time operating system). The Linux Device Driver Training explains a huge deal about process management and further discusses about memory management, time management, scheduling, and interrupt handling in Linux environment.

The Linux Device Driver Training should make the learners aware about System Calls, Linux API’s for file operations, sockets, ipc etc. Further, Design approaches should also be included along with soft- as well as hard- real time systems. The aspiring learner should get to know about the actual work-oriented application skills and provide the student with a life cycle view for designing multi-processing, multi-threading embedded systems.


Upon the completion of the Linux Device Driver Training the aspiring participants should possess the following skills:

  • Working with/on process management
  • Learning process management by understanding Linux process scheduler policy, multitasking, and scheduling algorithms
  • Understand the importance as well as the types of system calls
  • Proper utilization of memory management
  • Deep and detailed understanding of interrupt handlers, Virtual File System, and time management
  • A fair knowledge about the device driver programs and how to write them
  • All about Real Time operating System (RTOS)

This Linux Device Driver Training is must for all those working professionals who work with embedded systems and related domains, and the professionals who are looking to develop their respective driver programming skills. Students from third and fourth year of  B. Tech. Or BE courses (Computers, Electronics, Electronics & Telecommunication, Instrumentation, Computer Science, Information Technology) are certainly eligible for taking up this course, However a fair knowledge about the Linux operating system as well as expertise with shell scripting will be required prior to the Linux Device Driver Training. There are so many training institutes that provide Linux Device Driver Training in Delhi NCR.

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